Wall-E Trailer

The latest Wall-E trailer “involves Eve placing our favorite little trash compacting robot in a shuttle back to earth.” Continue reading to watch. Click here for first picture in gallery.

We won’t spoil it by telling you much, but there’s some Eve in there too and a great demo of some Newtonian physics in action: check it out, and remember the movie’s due the 27th this month.

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Pixar Wall-E

Tired of waiting for the official Pixar Wall-E robot toy? Then spend a weekend building your own, with this tutorial. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

He’s sad because you haven’t built him yet. He’s thinking: “Oh, sure, life is grand on this work bench, picking up nuts and bolts, but I want to explore the big wide open.

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Disney once again shows why animatronics are still “in”, with this Wall-E robot. This was spotted in the streets of LA, but it will hopefully make its way to Disney amusement parks around the world. Video after the break.

This Wall-E robot is supposed to roam around Disneyland/Disney World entertaining patrons, but got spotted on the streets of LA panhandling and glad-handing for cash.

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Pixar has just released a new “Wall-E” trailer, which is set for release on June 27th — “story of a robot who is left behind to clean Earth by a starbound human race.” Video after the break.

After seeing how amazingly mindblowtastic the full trailer is, it’s now higher than the greatest drunk hero of all time in the must-watch list

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Pixar has just released a new trailer for its upcoming “Wall-E” movie, based on “a robot living in a future world who aspires to be more than a lowly worker bot.” Video after the break.

And he presumably sets out to achieve his dream. What also makes this film interesting is that it will be sans-dialogue according to the director. Robots in the future with a slight avant-garde twist?

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