Zune 2


SeattlePI gives us a hands-on look at the new 80GB Zune 2 user interface. On the bright side, it does look a bit more refined, compared to its predecessor. Continue reading to judge for yourself.

You can touch, hold, or even swipe across the touch-sensitive pad. The video and pictures also switch the Zune into horizontal mode, just like the first one, and podcasts is actually a top level element

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This FCC document shows Microsoft’s 4GB/8GB Flash-based Zune 2 players, complete with screen, logo, navigation buttons, and engravings.

Well, would you look at this. Thanks to the oh-so-disclosing FCC website, we’re now seeing drawings of what looks to be 4GB and 8GB versions of Microsoft’s forthcoming flash-based Zunes. Sure enough, the pictures match the leaked photos from yesterday to a T, so it shouldn’t be long before these things get officially official

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Zune-Scene managed to snag the first live shot of Microsoft’s Zune 2, which will come in three different models. Technical specifications have not yet been released.

Well, we’d heard new Zunes were coming tomorrow (or maybe October 16th) and it looks like retailers are starting to receive display units — everyone, say hello to the new Zunes

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Not wanting to be outdone by Apple, Microsoft has “leaked” shots of its upcoming Zune 2 (80GB) and Zune Flash (4GB/8GB) players. Will these models give Apple’s iPod Touch a run for its money? No word yet on pricing and availability.

These photos came from a source who cites marketing materials, likely from the retail channel, but were confirmed by a second source as well. Does that mean they’re final? I don’t know. If I were Microsoft, I might seed the internet with mockups as to confuse

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