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Elevator Bed

France-based furniture designer Espace Loggia has created a line of "elevator beds" that can quickly and easily be raised from the floor to the ceiling to maximize floor space in small living spaces. Available in a variety of designs and sizes (double, queen and king), the beds can be adapted to reach different heights, depending on who they're for, and the lift mechanism is activated with a simple push. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

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Skull Amrchair

This geometric skull appears to be some type of Photoshopped image, but it's actually a real armchair by French design firm HARROW, fit for He-Man's Skeletor. Constructed from resin, with a steel internal frame and black gloss finish, it sports a black velvet cover that fits in with your home's dark theme. Its cotton top that would be perfect after a hard day at work, or for Castle Grayskull on Eternia. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Workbed Desk

Designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS, the Workbed (No. 33 Artistcare Collection). lets you easily transform your bed into a work space, making it great for small spaces. With just a simple flip - no electronics required, the desk turns to bed. The designers have even included special bed sheets that stay attached to the underside of the table / mattress even while it's being converted. A small shelf is great for storing your little trinkets - gadgets, chargers, etc. - and what not. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Hippo Couch

This isn't some bizarre Photoshopped hippopotamus, but rather a real couch by Maximo Riera. It's a life-sized 1:1 scale recreation, and the black upholstery was given a realistic leathery texture, just like the real-life animal. No detail was spared, as te hippo's face is intricately detailed. No word yet on pricing. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Batman Bookshelf

Let's face it, bookshelves aren't the most exciting thing in the world, but throw an out-of-the-box design, like the Batman symbol, on a wall, and it's an entirely different story. Putting a twist on everyday things, such as chairs, beds, etc. can breathe new life into them. Other examples include: a literary shower curtain, book bench, a unique-looking rug and lots more. Continue reading to see them all.

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Labyrinth Coffee Table

Photo credit: Benjamin Nordsmark via Laughing Squid

Most coffee tables are boring, this one is not. Designed by Benjamin Nordsmark, the Labyrinth Coffee Table has a maze underneath the glass top with small figurines you can navigate with magnets underneath. Nordsmark says: "Most people possibly remember from their childhood how they used to play with miniature figures in small universe similar to the real world. And these nostalgic feelings are the ones that the table should generate in people minds and encourage them to explore and go deeper into the story of the labyrinth." Continue reading for a video and more information.

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Pallet Computer Desk

Photo credit: Mchitch

You know what they say: "One man's trash, is another man's treasure". That phrase is most certainly true with Imgur user Mchitch's latest project. Simply put, he came across two free broken pallets and decided that it would be best to transform them into a sleek modern computer desk, rather than spend hundreds on a new one. After countless hours of woodworking, sawing, and polishing, the end result is something you'd find in high-end furniture stores. Continue reading to see the build process from start to finish.

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Infinity Mirror Coffee Table

Photo credit: Baumstaller

An infinity mirror is basically a set of mirrors, one fully reflective mirror and one "one-way mirror", set up so that the one-way or partially reflective mirror reflects an image back onto the fully reflective mirror, in a recursive manner, creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections that recede into an infinite distance. This effect is also seen when a subject stands between two fully reflective mirrors, as in a changing room or house of mirrors. Imgur user "Baumstaller" managed to merge an infinity mirror and coffee table into one mind-boggling creation. Continue reading to see the full build process.

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Branching and Looping Table

At first glance, this looping wooden table looks like an optical illusion, but it's a real furniture piece designed by artist Michael Beitz, called "Not Now". It's basically an 8-foot-long tangle of looping wood with an "anti-social design." There's also "Tree Picnic," a functional 50-foot-long picnic table that branches like a tree at the Michigan Riley Farm in Buffalo, New York. These sculptures were on display at the Maybe Later at the Roswell Museum and Art Center last year. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Exocet Chair

Created by Montreal-based designer Stephane Leathead, the Exocet Chair is one that can easily be configured in multiple ways, thanks to the identical slats on the rotating cylinder. This design enables users to change the chair's shape when the moment strikes. With soft curves and that long flowing shape, it definitely fits right in at any Apple Store, with their minimalist store layout and all. No word yet on when / if this piece will hit stores. Continue reading for more pictures.

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