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At Games Ultimate Portable Game Player is currently being offered at just $42 shipped, originally priced at $59.99. It comes with 40 official SEGA Genesis games and 40 additional arcade games. Titles include: "Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Mega Man, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Comix Zone, and Sonic & Knuckles. Product page. Continue reading for a video review.

Notable features:
  • 2.8" LCD handheld player.

  • 3 Capcom games built-in featuring: Super Street Fighter II.

  • 37 SEGA games built-in including: Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2.

  • Rechargeable battery built in, USB cable included for charging battery.

  • SD card slot for additional games download.
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From afar, this may appear to be a next-generation SEGA Saturn, but in reality, it's one of two SEGA Pluto prototypes in existence. It's owned by a former Sega of America employee who now lives in Japan. What sets this console apart from the Saturn is its standard NetLink 28.8kbit/s modem, which allowed it to be linked up using a dial-up connection for multiplayer gaming, with support built into games including Daytona (NetLink Edition), Duke Nukem 3D, Saturn Bomberman, Sega Rally, and Virtual On. Continue reading for a news report, more pictures, and additional information.

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The Sega Genesis was released in the North America on September 15, 1989 - after a soft release during August 1989 in NYC and Los Angeles, with the suggested retail price of $189.99, $10 less than originally planned, and also $10 less than the competing TurboGrafx-16. Today, a factory sealed launch day console will cost you $1899.99 or more on eBay. Continue reading to see more toys and gadgets from your childhood that are worth a lot now.

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Ever wonder what classic games would look like if they were compatible with multi-display setups? Well, wonder no more as this gamer has decided to show us. As you can probably tell, there's not much to explore when the entire stage is laid out in front of you, due to the 6060 X 1080 combined resolution. Continue reading for more.

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Gamers who grew up in the 80's and 90's probably owned at least one Nintendo or SEGA video game console - thanks in part to the countless magazine ads, television commercials, etc., but have you wondered how the two rivals stack up today? If so, then continue reading to see the breakdown.

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Believe it or not, Garnet Hertz has created a real, drivable SEGA OutRun arcade machine. Mixed with augmented reality, "the video appears on a flat-screen monitor in front of the driver; Hertz has tested the car on walkways and quiet roads, but operating it is hardly a mellow experience, despite the 13mph top speed." Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for a video.

Yet all that work was simple compared with what came next. Instead of swapping the game's screen for a windshield, the crew mounted two webcams on the cabinet, wired them to a laptop inside the car, and wrote software that converts the camera's view of sidewalks and roads into a video of an 8-bit OutRun-style freeway.
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Ever wonder why Tails is really Sonic's sidekick? No, it isn't because he's able to fly, but rather something much more special that takes an extreme load off the hedgehog. Continue reading to see what it is.

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Though SEGA may not have a console to call their own, Sonic the Hedgehog is still popular as ever, with games appearing on the Xbox 360, PS3, DS, and more. Click here to see some incredible Sonic the Hedgehog fan-art. Continue reading for an awesome stop-motion Sonic video.

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SEGA's famed Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates his 20th birthday today. The blue hero has "starred in more than 65 games and notched up over 70 million sales worldwide - becoming a global phenomenon in the process." Click here for the first picture in gallery. Continue reading for the official Sonic Generations trailer.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion we have released a celebratory Sonic 20th Anniversary Bundle on PlayStation Store. This bundle collects the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure (and the DX Upgrade pack), Sonic 4: Episode 1 and a beautiful dynamic theme taken from the world of Sonic 4.
[via PlayStation - IGN]

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You may have heard or even seen SEGA's ToyLets, but now this urinal-based gaming system is set to be unleashed in bathrooms worldwide. Simply put, it "rewards players with points not based on accuracy, but the volume and intensity of urine they spray into the game controller." This system will cost operates approximately $1900USD. Continue reading for the news report.

First, an infrared sensor detects when a person approaches, and changes the screen to the game ready display. Next, microwaves hit the stream of urine when the person urinates, and it reads the reflected microwaves to detect the speed of the urine stream. The volume is then calculated by the speed and duration of the urination.
[via CrunchGear - TechnaBob]

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