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WD My Passport X

WD's 2TB My Passport X USB 3.0 Gaming Portable HDD is compatible with Xbox systems, the PS4, and many other devices, all for $62.99 shipped, today only, originally $89.99. My Passport X takes just minutes to set up. Plug it in, follow the easy on-screen instructions and you're locked and loaded to take on armed marauders, aliens and opponents of all types. Product page. Continue reading for a hands-on video review and more information.

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Xbox Watch

Photo credit: Hikari Calyx

Back in 2013, Microsoft teamed up with HTC to build an Xbox Watch, but unfortunately, things never panned out. Many engineers on Microsoft's side previously worked on Xbox accessories and the Kinect sensor. This prototype included a 1.5-inch display, removable, a GPS unit, and workout apps. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Xbox One X Portable

Photo credit: Eddie Zarick

Microsoft's Xbox One X is touted as the world's most powerful game console, and rightfully so, but for those who have always wanted a portable version, Eddie Zarick of Eds Junk has just the fix for you. Called the Xbook One X, this portable Xbox One X features a 21.5" 1080p ViewSonic display, the original cooling units, external ports, two USB ports (just one if you opt for the optional keyboard), and a power outlet to ensure your extra long gaming sessions never get interrupted. Continue reading for more pictures, information and a bonus video.

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Xbox One S Horizons Bundle

The Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Bundle is unlike any racing game you've ever played, and it's being offered for just $199 shipped, today only, originally $279.99. Drive, explore, jump, and race all over Australia in more than 350 of the world's greatest cars. Make your Hot Wheels fantasies come to life with loops, corkscrews, boost pads, high bank turns, half-pipes, insane jumps - and even mechanical dinosaurs. It includes an Xbox One S 500GB console, Xbox wireless controller, Forza Horizon 3 game download, Hot Wheels expansion download, HDMI cable (4K capable), 14-days Xbox Live Gold Trial and 1-month Xbox Game Pass. Product page. Continue reading for gameplay footage and more information.

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Xbox One X Project Scorpio

The Xbox One X "Project Scorpio" Edition has just been unveiled, and it's a doozy. Pre-order one here now. It features a custom design with the words 'Project Scorpio' printed on the console / controller, and they've also incorporated a sophisticated and dynamic graphic pattern across the exterior. Fans will also notice the packaging is inspired by the original Xbox. The Project Scorpio Edition also comes with an exclusive vertical stand so you can choose how to display it in your home. Continue reading for a hands-on video and more information.

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500GB Xbox One S

Microsoft's 500GB Xbox One S is a mighty console, but now you can get a bundle with four games - Ghost Recon Wildlands - Gold edition, Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5, and Recore - for just $248.90 shipped, originally $499.99. With a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks, High Dynamic Range technology brings out the true visual depth of your games. Product page. Continue reading for a viral video on Ghost Recon Wildlands and more information.

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Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft may have not released an iPhone or Galaxy S competitor for quite some time, but that doesn't mean they don't have the resources to do so. Introducing the Microsoft Surface Phone. Featuring a 5.7" OLED display with an embedded fingerprint sensor, 16MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera, and the ability to use the handset as an Xbox One controller. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Xbox One X

Set to be released on November 7th, priced at $499, Microsoft's Xbox One will become the most powerful game console yet, thanks to an 8-core custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz to bring enhanced AI, real world detail, and smoother interactions to your gaming. What does this mean? Well, it's a 4x increase over the Xbox One's graphics capability, a 31% boost in CPU speed, and a 50% jump in onboard RAM. What really sets this console apart is a liquid-cooled vapor-chamber cooling, a feature found on high-end graphics cards. Continue reading to watch the entire E3 2017 briefing. Click here for a few bonus images.

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Xbox One S Official

Microsoft's Xbox One S is official and priced from just $299.99 (500GB) - $399.99 (2TB). New 4K support transforms your TV into the ultimate gaming and media center, all packed into a unit 40% smaller than its predecessor, complete with vertical stand support. You also get a USB port in front, and a new textured controller with Bluetooth connectivity. Pre-order one here now. Click here for a few bonus hands-on images of the Xbox One S. Continue reading for a hands-on look video and more information.

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Project Scorpio

Microsoft announced Project Scorpio at E3 2016 today in Los Angeles, and it's touted as "the most powerful console ever created." Featuring at least 8 CPU cores and 6-teraflops of GPU power, designed specifically for 4K gaming. Best of all, it will be fully compatible with current Xbox One games. continue reading for a video of the fully keynote and more information.

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