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"Bmwsancho" demonstrates the difference in SSD(left) and HDD (right) Win XP boot times, using Fujitsu notebooks. Similar to Samsung's Q30, the Fujitsu FMV-Q8230 (pictured) boasts a 16GB or 32GB NAND Flash drive in place of the standard HDD for quicker data transfer rates and improved battery life. Video after the jump.
A solid state disk (SSD, also called solid state drive) is a data storage device that uses non-volatile memory such as flash, or volatile memory such as SDRAM, to store data, instead of the spinning platters found in conventional hard disk drives. SSDs based on volatile memory such as SDRAM and are categorized by fast data access, less than 0.01 milliseconds (over 250 times faster than the fastest hard drives in 2004) and are used primarily to accelerate applications that would otherwise be held back by the latency of disk drives

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