Mario Bros. Teenage Super Ninja Plumbers
While we wait for Nintendo’s new Super Mario Bros. movie starring Chris Pratt, you can keep busy by playing Teenage Super Ninja Plumbers, one of the most unusual video game mashups that you’ll ever see. It was created by developer ‘NesDraug’, and in this game, the sewers of The Mushroom Kingdom have been infested by Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, and it’s up to the famous plumbers to save the day.

StickBot Modular Robot Sticks
Photo credit: Eric Sucar
There are modular laptops, the Polymega game console, and then StickBot. Developed by UPenn Ph.D. candidate Devin Carroll, this modular robot is made from actual sticks, circuitry, actuators, a microcontroller, and a motor driver. The robot is controlled by a smartphone app that Carroll designed, which allows it to pivot from sticks as legs in ‘crawler mode’ to using them as arms.

Citroen Oli Concept Electric SUV
You’ve seen a broken down Citroen 2CV turned motorcycle, now check out the Citroen Oli concept, which is supposed to be a Swiss Army Knife-inspired electric SUV. More specifically, this is a multi-purpose everyday extension to your life that is as useful when you aren’t driving, complete with smart ‘Vehicle to Grid’ (V2G) as well as ‘Vehicle to Load’ (V2L) capability for enjoyable driving.