Buzzfeed reports that Toco the cat and his baby (human) sister are the internet’s most adorable troublemakers ever. Their activities have been posted on Instagram for 2-years This dynamic duo makes life a daily adventure. A super-cute daily adventure, that is. Click here to view this week’s funny FAILS gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of Jean Claude Van Damme performing an epic stunt with Volvo trucks.

Here’s a first look at the completed Cadillac limousine built for Obama. Featuring “five-inch thick bulletproof glass, ultra high strength ceramic armor and cellphone jammers.” Click here for one more picture.

One tech item they are talking about are the LED spotlights that�ll illuminate the fender-mounted flags at night.

[via Jalopnik]

With its official launch just a few months away, the Cadillac CTS was recently spotted at N�rburgring. Video after the jump.

To keep anticipation high, GM has released video of the 2008 CTS running the ‘Ring from inside the cockpit. While the video isn’t of the greatest quality, it’s worth viewing if only for the sexy sound of the new direct injection 3.6L engine

[via Autoblog]