Mortis 6x6 Hearse
Mechanic Jimmy Driver has seen his fair share of bizarre vehicles over the years, but his very own creation, Mortis, most likely tops them all. the Standing 10-feet tall and weighing in at 20,000-pounds, it started off as a 1967 Cadillac superior hearse, but after lots of work, along with parts from school buses and tractors, it became this 6-wheeled beast. It’s powered by a V6 53 Detroit Diesel engine and designed to compete in local mud bogging competitions. One caveat: it has a top speed of 12mph. Read more for a video and additional information.

What is mud bogging? It’s basically a motor sport where various types of vehicles are driven through mud courses, and the driver who’s able to navigate the course best, wins. Mortis has taken around $15,000 in funds to complete, but since this project was born out of a passion for cars, it really is priceless. I mean, Jimmy has spent the past 15-years adding and modifying various things on Mortis.

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