China Hydrogen-Electric Urban Train
Photo credit: Xinhua
Unlike the world’s first maglev train, China’s new hydrogen-electric train has a built-in hydrogen power system that enables it to travel 373-miles on a single charge. This is no bullet train though, as it has a maximum speed of 99.4 mph, which is plenty fast for urban transport. The powertrain consists of a hydrogen fuel cell and supercapacitor, rather than a traditional catenary power supply system.

China Steel Stretchable Strong
Photo credit: Konstantin Makarenko | Skoltech via SCMP
Scientists from Northeastern University in Shenyang in China have developed a new kind of steel that is not only extremely strong, but also stretchable. A fingernail-sized piece can reportedly hold up a 2-ton car without facturing, thanks to its ability to stretch by up to 25%. Creating this material required the team to melt raw alloyed material at 650-800&Deg; degrees Celsius and let it air cool, resulting in the special structure.

Scorpion D First Large Drone First Flight China
Photo credit: Tengden
Though not as practical as the EHang EH216 manned drone for law enforcement purposes, the Scorpion D does take the title of world’s first four-engine large drone, and it just completed its maiden flight in China. This twin-tailed, unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of transporting heavier payloads, thanks to 20-meter fixed wings equipped with four engines.

Maglev Car Magnetic Propulsion China
Researchers from Chengdu’s Southwest Jiaotong University are testing the world’s first maglev car that uses magnetic propulsion on a raised track in east China’s Jiangsu province. Put simply, they modified a normal vehicle with a permanent magnet array and then installed a corresponding conductor rail on 4.8-miles (7.8-kilometers) of road, resulting in magnetic levitation.

China Scientist New Mineral Moon Chang'e-5 Mission Changesite-(Y)
Photo credit: Xinhua | Jin Liwang
Chinese scientists might be busy building an artificial moon right here on Earth, but earlier this week they announced the discovery of a new mineral found in lunar samples retrieved from the Chang’e-5 mission. Officially named Changesite-(Y), this mineral looks like a colorless transparent columnar crystal and found in lunar basalt particles by a research team from the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology.

Scientist Red Rail Maglev Sky Train China
Scientists have built Red Rail, the world’s first maglev ‘Sky Train’ that uses magnets to float without power. Located in in southern China’s Xingguo county, Jiangxi province, this experimental 2,600-foot Red Rail boasts powerful magnets that produce a constantly repelling force strong enough to lift a train with 88 passengers in the air, even without a power supply.

AutoFlight Prosperity Electric Vertical Takeoff Landing Air Taxi eVTOL
Shanghai-based AutoFlight recently completed yet another successful test flight of its ‘Prosperity’ electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi. The eVTOL in production form will be able to safely transport four passengers up to 155-miles on a single charge while cruising at 124 mph. This unmanned prototype took the company approximately 3-months to build and already has over two dozen flights under its belt.