Puma 1986 RS-Computer

The Puma RS-Computer running shoe was far ahead of its time, but a few lucky individuals who missed out on the original release back in 1986, will have a chance of snagging a pair soon. However, it will receive a few modern upgrades, including a three-axis accelerometer to measure calorie burn, distance and step counts. Thankfully, you won’t have to plug in a 16-pin data cable to sync up to 30 days of activity data, but can instead use Bluetooth to transmit the data to an Android or iOS app. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Columbia Empire Crew Parks Star Wars

Photo credit: Hi Consumption
Star Wars fans rejoice! Columbia Sportswear has just unveiled a limited edition Empire Crew Parka. This $500 jacket was inspired by the original cast and crew while filming the iconic ice planet Hoth scenes of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. You’ll have to be quick though, as they will hit the online store at 12:10am EST on December 7th, as well as at select retail stores in the US, Canada, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. That’s not all, select US stores will also offer a handful of parkas signed by Mark Hamill, the actor who played Luke Skywalker in the film, but this version will set you back a cool $1980 USD, with all proceeds being donated to charity. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Hands-On Nike PG 2.5 X PlayStation

Photo credit: Engadget
Just a week ago, you got a first glimpse of the new Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation, which was inspired by the color-matching of the original PlayStation system. It connects NBA player Paul George and his love for gaming at a time when he’s found a new role for the pastime in his life — off-court restoration. These sneakers feature a pattern of the iconic PlayStation symbols through the shoe’s counter and the heel, adding the original gray of the first console as well as the classic four-color PlayStation logo on the left shoe — an alternate take on the PG2’s light-up tongue. The Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation made its first public appearance on November 21 during the Thunder’s away game versus the Golden State Warriors (above video). “Before, I played video games just because it was fun. Now I do it because that’s how I relax. I need an exit from reality sometimes, to get away, to be in a different place and different moment.” said George says. Read more for additional hands-on pictures and information.

Nike PG 2.5 X PlayStation Colorway

Sony’s PlayStation Classic launch is just days away (Dec. 3), and what better time for designer Paul George to debut a console-themed version of the PG 2.5 sneaker, than now, during a game tonight against the Golden State Warriors. Officially called the PG 2.5 X PlayStation, this shoe pays tribute to the classic console with its original gray color scheme and a PS logo to boot. Want to snag a pair? You’ll have to check Nike’s SNKRS app on December 1st. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Versace Apple Sneakers

Salehe Bembury, Versace’s head sneaker designer, teased Instagram on Wednesday with a photo of a white sneaker that looks suspiciously similar to Apple’s very own design from the 1990s. “A wise man once said nothing at all,” said the caption. As of now, the company has not commented on whether it will be creating the shoes for purchase, or if this is just a prototype. Continue reading for another video of an original Apple sneaker and more information.

Nike Mag Sculpture

Photo credit: Filfury

Phill Robson, better known as “Filfury” on Instagram, is a designer specializes in transforming Nike Basketball, Adidas and Reebok sneakers into works of art. These one-of-a-kind 3D sculptures depict animals, insects, or just random objects that showcase the various textures of his favorite sneakers, like the Nike Mag wolf head above. Continue reading for more.

PS2 Nike Sneakers

Photo credit: Pino Linto

These PlayStation 2 sneakers may look official, but they’re actually the work of console modder Pino Linto. It’s basically a pair of Nike VaporMax Plus kicks with gamepad buttons placed down the sides and a PlayStation logo added. Unfortunately, they can’t be used to play games, but at the very least, they’re great conversation pieces. Continue reading for a video preview.

Van Gogh Vans

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Fashion brand Vans partnered with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to launch a painting-inspired clothing line inspired by the Dutch post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh. This limited-edition series will feature some of the artist’s iconic collections, including Skull (1887), Almond Blossom (1890), Sunflowers (1889) and van Gogh’s Self-Portrait as a Painter (1887-1888). The most sought after items will probably be the Vans Classics sneakers, which come in five designs, including one inspired by Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman (1890) as well as illustrations from his handwritten letters to his brother Theo. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Nike Mag Back to the Future

If you’ve got more than $40,000 burning a hole in your pocket and always wanted an original Nike Mag sneaker used in Back To The Future II, this could be your only chance. Despite its deteriorated and fragile state, bidding has already reached $41,000 with more than 6-days left in the auction block. To be more specific, the plastic outsole separates from the shoe when handled, and the midsole is crumbling, with all the bits placed in two small plastic containers. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

iGUANEYE Flip-Flops

Let’s face it, running efficiently in flip flops is near impossible with today’s designs, but iGUANEYE aims to change that with their 3D-printec creation. Simply put, it’s a 2-piece rubber ergonomic sole that perfectly conforms to the contours of your feet. The 3D model was first created in Rhinoceros 3D, and then, with the help of Inpact, a prototype developing company based in Leiria, Portugal, the intricate design became a reality using a 3D System SLS printer. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.