Razer x BAPE 2 Streetwear Collection
The Razer x BAPE 2.0 collaboration has been officially announced and it includes Razer’s largest collection of streetwear yet. Called ‘A Gaming Ape,’ it includes BAPE STA that have been sneakers emblazoned with BAPE’s iconic shark design on its soles and they also glow in the dark, radiating a Razer-green hue that illuminates the collaborative camouflage print design of BAPE and Razer’s triple-headed snake logo.

Microsoft Hardwear Blue Sky Green Hill Windows XP Background Shirt
Windows XP fans rejoice! The new Microsoft ‘Hardwear’ clothing line includes a ‘Blue Sky Green Hill’ t-shirt, complete with the wayward mouse. For those who don’t know the backstory, it was spotted by Charles O’Rear through his car window as he drove down Highway 121 in 1998. He was a professional photographer with many of his works features in National Geographic and the Los Angeles Times.

RTFKT x Nike Cryptokicks NFT Sneakers
RTFKT and Nike partnered to debut CryptoKicks, which are essentially virtual NFT sneakers for the metaverse. These are so popular that some of them have sold for upwards of $80,000+ USD, thanks in part due to the customization features. Users are able to customize these sneakers using ‘skin vials’ from various designers, allowing one to change patterns and add effects such as flashing lights.

Wolverine x Halo: The Master Chief Limited Edition Boots
Limited to 117 pairs worldwide, the Wolverine x Halo: The Master Chief limited-edition boots will be sure to snatched up very quickly when they go on sale for $225 beginning March 29 at 12 p.m. ET on the company’s website. Featuring a “117”, which is Master Chief’s Spartan number, on the exterior heel of the left boot, UNSC (United Nations Space Command) insignia throughout the boot, and an outsole outfitted with the in-universe logo to designate the “Materials Group”, the manufacturer of the Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

MIT Programmable Digital Fiber Fabrics
A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a programmable fiber with digital capabilities that can sense, store, analyze, and gather activities after it’s woven into fabric. Yoel Fink, professor and principal investigator at the Research Laboratory of Electronics and a senior author on the study, says that these digital fibers not only enhance the possibilities of uncovering the context of hidden patterns in a human body, but cna also be used to monitor physical performance, medical inference, as well as help detect diseases at an early stage. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Nike Go FlyEase Hands-Free Shoes
Forget laces, the Nike GO FlyEase boasts an easy on, easy off hands-free design, thanks to a bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be secure in fully open as well as fully closed states. This shoe’s tensioner has the flexibility to supercharge the action of kicking-off a shoe, thus completely re-imagining this movement as basis for accessible and empowering design. There’s no word yet on pricing, but select Nike members will be able to get their hands on them in 2-weeks (Feb. 15).

Amazon Made for You Custom Tees
Amazon Made for You is a new Fashion shop that lets users create custom tees tailored to their exact measurements and style preferences. Before starting, you’ll need to upload two photos to the app. This virtual tool is available directly on the Amazon app and lets users choose from a selection of two fabrics, eight different colors, preferred sleeve, shirt lengths and neckline. Shoppers must also input their height, weight and two photos of themselves to get measured for a “precise” fit. Read more for another picture and additional information.