Guitar Hero


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be getting two all-new guitars — one is a Gamestop exclusive. Unlike their predecessors, these “new wireless controllers have consolidated all of the electronics into the neck and fretboard, leaving the body free of any responsibilities beyond aesthetics.” Video and one more picture after the break.

Without any integrated circuitry, you can swap these guitar bodies at will, which attach to the fretboard in two-part wing formation. The lead shot is the standard controller that will come with the game.

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Yes, an extremely talented gamer “recorded himself in this amazing video just to show that he can beat the crap out of you playing Guitar Hero III using sticks.” Continue reading to watch.

If you have ever tried to play the guitar using drumsticks, you were probably drinking the same paint thinner as I was drinking, because it’s impossible.

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Dubbed the “Cythbot”, this Guitar Hero-playing robot uses “a light-measuring camera and six pneumatic ‘fingers'” to tackle the extremely difficult “Cult of Personality” track. Video after the break.

If you needed further proof that we’re quickly approaching the day when robots will outperform humans in all our endeavors, you may want to turn your attention to a tech demo for the Guitar Hero-playing “Cythbot”.

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Pedal Controller

For those who haven’t seen this nifty Guitar Hero pedal controller, they basically “replace the strum and whammy bar from a standard guitar, allowing you to use a single hand for the chords.” Video after the break.

Aside from the 2 I built for a show back in May, the 3rd pedal demonstrated below is the first I�ve actually built by request for a customer.

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Guitar Hero Robot

Cyth Systems’ Guitar Hero robot “uses a highly sophisticated viewing method to determine which notes to hit, and it can even decide whether slamming the whammy bar is a good idea or not.” Video after the break.

Not that we haven’t seen robotic Guitar Hero masters before, but Cyth Systems’ egotistically named Cythbot is just a full cut above the rest.

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Nintendo DS Guitar Hero

This nifty Nintendo DS Guitar Hero mod “includes a special housing for the DS itself, and even a built-in FM transmitter with its own screen, which lets him pump the audio through his home sound system.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Like many others, Eric Ruckman found that the DS controller add-on for Guitar Hero: On Tour left a bit to be desired but, unlike most folks, he didn’t just go back to playing on his console of choice — he actually went all out.

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Guitar Hero Bot

This Guitar Hero bot “actually watches the on-screen action with ‘eyes’ that it uses to analyze notes, which the bot then plays in real-time.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

DeepNote was designed around Guitar Hero 3. In expert mode, it has gotten 5 stars on every career song, every bonus song, and all the custom songs we’ve thrown at it.

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Guitar Hero Wireless Controller

This upgraded Guitar Hero wireless controller for Guitar Hero World Tour “adds a new touch-sensitive slider on the neck, a new bridge button near the strum bar and a built-in accelerometer.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

Not only can they all be used during regular gameplay – oh, and your old Guitar Hero III guitar controllers will still work – but they all add a little something to Guitar Hero World Tour’s new music creation mode.

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