Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Drum Set

Guitar Hero World Tour will feature a wireless Guitar Hero drum set and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers gives us a hands-on preview. Video after the break.

There’s not a lot of new information to be found otherwise, but as none other than Stuart Copeland helpfully reminds us, the kit is in fact wireless. No headband included though, it seems.

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Guitar Hero World Tour

Unlike the previous installment, Guitar Hero World Tour features a “‘Music Studio’ mode which allows players to “compose, record, edit and share music,” and the 8-player ‘Battle of the Bands’ mode.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

..the still curious, but ambitious sounding promise to add “significantly more localized downloadable music than ever before on all of the next-generation consoles.”

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A group of college students have built “Slashbot”, which “works as a completely standalone process, using a converter box to translate specific pixel information from the screen intro note presses and strums on the mechanical contraption.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

On average, the bot is achieving 90 percent accuracy in expert mode, and has yet to be defeated by a human challenger. Next up? It plans to eradicate all human life on Earth, of course

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If you’ve been looking for a Guitar Hero hack that automates the game for you, look no furthur than “AutoGuitarHero”. This hack essentially uses “the composite video input to determine which notes need to be hit in real time.” Video after the break. Click here for one more picture.

That, as you might have guessed, is way beyond any notion of practicality, and far outside the realm of the average DIYer’s skill level, but it seems like it does indeed work, although there are apparently a few minor kinks left to be worked out

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BlendTec master Tom Dickson is back at it again, and this time he attempts to blend Guitar Hero 3. Video after the break.

I won’t spoil it, but know that it doesn’t hold up too well to a Pete Townshending. For a blender that costs as much as a PlayStation 3 it had better f&*@ this thing up

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