Secret iPhone Display

Celal Goger, a 42-year-old mobile phone repairman from the Turkish town of Bismil, Diyarbakır province, has created a special mobile display that can only be seen with special privacy glasses. He programmed a small chip to turn the display on an iPhone, iPad, etc. completely white, while another chip that is mounted on any pair of glasses and connects via Blutooth, to unmask the content. Click here to view the first image in this week’s things that look like other things gallery. Continue reading for a viral drone footage showing the devastating power of flood waters.

Psylocke Psionic Sword

Psylocke, born Elizabeth Braddock, is a telepathic and telekinetic mutant capable of generating psionic blades. She is played by actress Olivia Munn in X-Men: Apocalypse and uses a psionic sword in the film. The Hacksmith is back at it again, and has created a real-life version of sorts, minus the psionic capabilities found in the comics. Continue reading to see Olivia Munn at work, and for more information about this mutant. Click here to view a few bonus X-Men tattoos.

Game Boy Hacked

Thanks to Raspberry Pi, this modder was able to hack an original Nintendo Game Boy into a multi-platform machine, capable of playing just about any classic title. That’s right, running software known as “Emulation Station,” this Pi-powered creation runs NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. games, complete with makeshift shoulder triggers, while additional the X and Y buttons were sourced from an old Super Nintendo controller. After some re-soldering and dremeling, a functional SD to Micro SD adapter was added inside the system. Plus, these mods also give it USB charging for added convenience. Continue reading for a video of a functional game console made from an Altoids tin.

Nintendo 3DS Windows 95

Sure, you can argue that there really is no practical reason to have Windows 95 running on a new Nintendo 3DS XL, but it’s definitely a conversation starter. Back a while ago, I tried compiling the dosbox from libretro, and using retroarch to emulate dosbox. Yet, every time, it froze on a rainbow glitchy mess. So, I gave up for a while. Until tonight. So, I tried it on my n3ds, and it just worked. “So, I think the o3ds just isn’t powerful enough to run dosbox, or there’s not enough ram. So, that’s how this all got started. At its core, this is just libretro/retroarch dosbox. But I figured, hey, everyone wants Windows on their 3DS, right?,” said Shutterbug2000 on the GBATemp forum. Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny school pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a hoverboard unboxing that results in an unexpected fire.

Laptop Cooler Life Hack

Laptop coolers will normally run upwards of $15, or at least for a decent one that won’t break down after a simple tumble, and comes complete with 160mm fans that can spin at approximately 1500RPM. However, for those who want an even more economical solution, your local grocery store just might be the best bet. That’s right, just pick up a two dozen carton of eggs and just prop the computer up on the cardboard afterwards. If you need even more height, simply fasten the two halves together with super glue. Continue reading to see 21 more cleaning life hacks that will come in handy. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery.

Soda Can Wi-Fi Signal

Anyone who has ever owned a television set with an antenna, or a radio, probably heard of the tin foil trick for improving signal. Well, you can try the same with an aluminum can to better your Wi-Fi signal. Put simply, the metal and shape of the can (when cut open) can help focus the signal to and from a router. The only things you’ll need for this project are a soda can, utility knife, scissors, and some form of removable adhesive (tape, putty, etc.). Continue reading for more useful life hacks for college students.

Movie Theater Life Hack

Back in the day, theaters were built with a much smaller slope in the seating area, so moviegoers were simply sitting very slightly higher than those in front of them, rather than in stadium seating. Holly Frey says the audio sweet spot is 2/3 back and in the middle because that’s where audio engineers sit to balance the sound, and where you’ll get the full effect of the chopper buzzing by or the building exploding.

Cleaning Keyboard Hack

Let’s face it, there are always better ways to do things. For example, cleaning a computer keyboard can be quite a headache to say the least, from trying to scrub off grime to dumping out all the crumbs that have been dropped between the keys. However, there is an easier way to solve the latter…simply take a Post-it note and start sticking away until it’s clean. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to use a cleaning wipe to get the grime off. Continue reading for some more useful life hacks.

Homemade Smartphone Projector

There’s the RIF6 Cube, and then the option of building your very own smartphone projector if spending $269 on a high-tech gadget is out of the question. You’ll need a shoe box, magnifying glass, strong duct tape, a paper clip, hobby knife, pencil and of course a smartphone. Simply use the pencil to trace a hole around the magnifying glass, use a hobby knife to cut that part out, bend the paperclip into a makeshift phone stand, and you’re ready to go. Continue reading for more creative college life hacks.

Food Life Hack Ice Cream

We’re almost to the dog days of summer, and there’s no better time than now to whip up some ice cream sandwiches at home. Foodies who’ve been looking for an easier way to make them should pick up a few pints of their favorite flavor and some hand-sized cookies. Simply soften the pint enough, slice it with the packaging still on, place the slice between cookies, remove the paper, and you’re ready to eat. Continue reading for more food hacks geeks would love.