Psylocke Psionic Sword

Psylocke, born Elizabeth Braddock, is a telepathic and telekinetic mutant capable of generating psionic blades. She is played by actress Olivia Munn in X-Men: Apocalypse and uses a psionic sword in the film. The Hacksmith is back at it again, and has created a real-life version of sorts, minus the psionic capabilities found in the comics. Continue reading to see Olivia Munn at work, and for more information about this mutant. Click here to view a few bonus X-Men tattoos.

Psylocke was initially a supporting character in the adventures of her twin brother, Captain Britain, even briefly substituting for him in the role, before becoming the mutant superheroine and X-Men member Psylocke in 1986. Originally presented as a precognitive in the pages of Captain Britain and then as a telepath, the character eventually had her mind placed in the body of a Japanese female ninja known as Kwannon, gaining many of Kwannon’s martial arts skills and elements of her personality. Psylocke’s codename, coined by the X-Men villains Mojo and Spiral, debuted during her introduction to the X-Men stories post-Captain Britain. Later, Psylocke acquired the power of telekinesis.