Amazon Echo Show 10 HD Smart Display
Amazon’s Echo Show 10 HD smart display builds upon its predecessor and adds several new features, with the main one being a brilliant 10-inch, adaptive HD display that automatically stays in view when you interact with Alexa regardless if where you are in the room. To ensure this action stays quiet, its brushless motor is completely silent, meaning you won’t hear a thing as Echo Show 10 rotates. More information here. Read more for a video and additional information.

Amazon Ring Drone Flying Security Camera
Ring from Amazon is best known for their security cameras and doorbells, but today, they unveiled an autonomous flying indoor security camera drone. Officially called the “Ring Always Home Cam,” it provides homeowners with a variety of viewpoints throughout their home without having to purchase multiple cameras. Put simply, you’ll be able to see if any appliances were accidentally left on or just if the doors are locked, with this compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera. It has predetermined flight paths set by the user, providing greater visibility when no one is home. Read more for a video and additional information.

Anker Portable Power Station Powerhouse 400
Anker’s Portable Power Station Powerhouse 400 will most of your electronics powered during an emergency, even laptops, and it can be picked up for $359.99 shipped with promotional code: ANKER1730, this weekend only, originally $459.99. It’s compatible with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) so you’re able to get the maximum efficiency while solar charging. Simply connect a solar panel to the DC input port to give PowerHouse a recharge at up to 65W. Product page – be sure to enter promotional code: ANKER1730 during final checkout to receive the $100 discount. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Eufy’s Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell System ensures that you always know who is visiting, whether it be a delivery service, friend or family member, all for $99.99 shipped, today only, originally $129.99. It uses military-Grade AES 256-Bit data encryption to keep your footage private on transmission and storage, while HDR imaging ensures high clarity for backlit or low-light scenarios. You can even get facial snapshot notifications so that you can quickly check who is at the door. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

The Morning Machine Smart Coffee
Nespresso machines attempt to make instant coffee taste like what you’d get from a real cafe, but let’s face it, most would agree that the taste does not even come close. Introducing The Morning Machine. This smart coffee maker is compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine capsules and uses its built-in scale to control the brew with weight instead of volume. It also uses thermal sensors work and a PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller to let you adjust temperatures perfectly to your preference, depending on the type of coffee you’re brewing. Read more for a video, additional pictures sand information.

Cubii Pro Desk Elliptical Machine
The Cubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine keeps you in shape while being glued to your computer all day, and it’s being offered for just $249 shipped, today only, originally $349. It’s currently the only Bluetooth-enabled elliptical on the market. Just connect to the Cubii iOS and Android app to track calories, strides, miles, minutes and RPM. You’ll also be able to set personalized goals, compete with others, and sync your workouts to FitBit or Apple HealthKit to reach your 10,000 step goal. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Submarine Tiny House
Photo credit: Living Big in a Tiny House
At first glance, you may think this is a decommissioned submarine sitting out in the forest, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s actually a tiny house. Couple Keith and Jen created this yellow submarine-shaped tiny house in their very own backyard. The cylindrical shape is based on a small grain silo, which eventually turned into the creation that you see here. Read more for a video tour and additional information.

It was only a matter of time before IKEA and the LEGO Group collaborated for a project. Introducing BYGGLEK, a collection featuring a series of storage boxes with LEGO studs and a special brick set. You’ll be able to create whimsical one-of-a-kind storage solutions around the home, limited by only your imagination. Available in existing IKEA retail stores throughout Europe and North America starting from October 1, while the global roll-out is set for later in 2020. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.

Wyze Smart Door Lock
The Wyze Smart Door Lock is WiFi, Bluetooth and Alexa-enabled, all for $89.99 shipped, today only, originally $107.98. You’ll be able to unlock or lock your door from anywhere in the world at the push of a button in the Wyze companion app. There’s a built-in gyroscope that detects door position so that it can notify you if it’s left open and won’t auto-lock either. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

NASA Lunar Lander Home
Catamaran boat designer Kurt Hughes has always been fascinated by the NASA Apollo lunar landers, so what better tribute than by building a tiny home shaped like one? That’s exactly what he did for his personal vacation home on the banks of the Columbia River. Since he designs and builds boats for a living, he managed to avoid nail framing by creating his own carbon-fiber structural insulated panels (SIPs) using “Ziploc Space Bags”. Read more for a video and additional information.