Samsung Bot Handy Robot Butler
We have seen the future of home robotics, and it includes Samsung’s all-new Bot Handy. Unlike current home robots, this one will rely on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights, becoming a helper around the house. This means that it can tell the difference between the material composition of various objects, enabling it to utilize just the right amount of force to grab and move around household objects. Read more for the video from CES 2021 and additional information.

EufyCam 2C Pro
The eufyCam 2C Pro has cameras that can withstand the elements no matter where you install them, and you can get a 2-camera wireless home security system for $255.99 shipped using coupon code: EUFY2CPRO, this weekend only, originally $319.99. You’ll be able to get a clearer, brighter view of people, thanks to integrated AI technology that identifies and focuses on humans. A built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding area and allows you to see the complete picture in color clarity, even in low-light conditions, and with infrared if necessary. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: EUFY2CPRO during final checkout for the additional discount. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

LEAD Architects YEZO Retreat Japan
Photo credit: LEAD
Nestled in Hokkaido’s northern mountain range, the cozy YEZO retreat aims to be both eco-friendly and comfortable at the same time. To accomplish this, it boasts a combination of wood, stone, water, and light in its construction to help visitors have a serene reflective experience during their stay. Whether it be the central concrete chimney or curved roof made from glue-laminated timber beams, its minimalist build earned it the 2020 Golden Pin Design Award. Read more for a video and additional pictures.

Eufy Security 2K Indoor Pan Tilt Camera
The eufy Security 2K Indoor WiFi Pan & Tilt Camera uses on-device AI to determine whether a human or pet is present and automatically starts recording when an event occurs, all for $39.99 shipped after clipping the on-page $3 coupon as well as entering coupon code: EUFY8410 during final checkout, today only, originally $51.99. What sets this camera apart from others in this price range is ability to follow the action. As soon as motion is detected, the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object. Plus, you’ll be able to keep an eye on any room, even in low light settings. Product page – be sure to clip the on-page $3 coupon as well as enter coupon code: EUFY8410 during checkout.

APC Surge Protector P11U2
The APC Surge Protector (P11U2) comes equipped with USB ports in addition to the 11 outlets, and you can get one for $31.91 shipped, today only, originally $49.99. Power surges, lighting and spikes can occur at any time and could possibly cause irreparable damage to your electronics. This surge protector underwent stringent IEEE testing and complies with local agency safety requirements to ensure that your investments stay safe. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

Brette Haus Prefab Origami Tiny House
Latvia-based startup Brette Haus has created a tiny home for those who hate staying in one place, but still want their own home. Their line of origami-inspired cabins can bet setup just about anywhere with level ground, and can be unfolded in a maximum of 3-hours, complete with a 100 folding cycle guarantee. Whether it be a permanent residence, glamping lodge, backyard office, or even a pop-up store, their three models should cover them all. Read more for a video and additional pictures of their smallest tiny home, the Rustic.

PERI 3D-Printed Home
Let’s face it, 3D printing technologies have not yet advanced to the point where builders are able to print modern homes that rival the ones built by hand from the ground up. Formwork firm PERI hopes to change that with their newest detached single-family property. Located in Beckum, Germany, this home is the first 3D-printed building to become certified with a national building accreditation in the country. When completed, it will become the largest 3D-printed multi-family house in Europe spanning 380 square meters of living space. Read more for a video and additional information.

Cameron Airpark Estates California
Aside from custom homes out in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be hard pressed to find a neighborhood with airplanes parked in front of otherwise normal garages, that is unless…you’re talking about Cameron Airpark Estates. These rare airparks are basically fly-in communities designed around an airport where the residents each would own their own airplane parked in a personal hangar usually attached to the home or integrated into their home. Read more for a short video tour of this one located in El Dorado County, California.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch
The eufy Security Smart Lock Touch has a fingerprint scanner that recognizes your print in just 0.3-seconds, and you can get one for $139.99 shipped, today only, originally $199.99. For added security, it only stores your fingerprint data locally instead of on the cloud, while a bank-grade AES128 encryption chip keeps your fingerprint and in-app data private. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additinoal information.

Anker Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight Torch
Anker’s LC90 Bolder Flashlight Torch comes equipped with a 900 Lumens CREE LED, and you can get one for $22.99 after clipping the on-page $7 off coupon, today only, originally $29.99. It also has a dedicated integrated-circuit and intelligent illumination driver to ensure consistent lighting every time the LC90 is used, while a 3350 mAh battery gives you maximum capacity, efficiency, reliability, as well as safety. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.