Hyundai DAL-e Humanoid Robot
Hyundai Motor Group unveils the “DAL-e” – an acronym for “Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience – robot that will take over auto showrooms in the near future. This customer service robot will be capable of independently communicating with people using precise recognition capabilities and mobility functions. It comes equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technology for facial recognition as well as an automatic communication system based on a language-comprehension platform. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Hyundai Boston Dynamics Softbank Acquisition
South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company announced that it will be acquiring Boston Dynamics for $921 million from Softbank. The robot maker is best known for its four-legged robot dog named Spot, but also countless other machines over the years, like BigDog, Atlas, and lots more. Boston Dynamics was originally founded by former professor Marc Raibert and spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992. Google, Alphabet Inc., took over Boston Dynamics in 2013 before selling it to SoftBank in 2017. Read more for a video of MBKHD with Spot.

Hyundai Smallest EV
Sure, Hyundai’s smallest electric vehicle may not be for everyone due to its size, but it still manages to pack two DC electric motors generating 1.12 horsepower, good for a top speed of 4.4 miles per hour. If the design looks familiar, that’s because it’s based on the company’s ’45’ concept, which focuses on electrification, autonomous technologies and intelligent design. The ’45’ concept’s batteries are set in a ‘skateboard floor,’ which allows Hyundai to create a space that feels like a living room with new pieces of furniture. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Hyundai New Horizons Studio Elevate Cradle Robot
Hyundai Motor Group formed a New Horizons Studio to develop Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMVs). These vehicles will be able to explore with unprecedented mobility, targeting customers who require travel in unconventional and off-road terrain. They will be subject to more challenging applications as well as environments, so they’re able to adapt to changing conditions, while also pushing the boundaries of vehicle development. Read more for a video and additional information.

Hyundai RM20e Electric Sports Car Prototype
Hyundai Motor Company enters the electrified race car world with a bang. Introducing the RM20e Racing Midship Sports Car, which is currently being used as a “rolling lab” for testing high performance technologies, boasting 810 horsepower and 708 lb.-ft. of torque to variable road surfaces. However, this isn’t their first electric race car, as in 2019, Hyundai developed the ‘Veloster N eTCR’ for the eTCR electric touring car series. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Hyundai Prophecy Concept
Hyundai Motor has just revealed more details about its all-new Prophecy Concept EV. One of the craziest features is its steering mechanism because instead of a steering wheel mounted high on the dashboard in front of the driver, it’s controlled by dual joysticks located left and right from the driver: one on the center console with the other on the door trim. Read more for the video, additional pictures and information.

Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV
Initially set to be unveiled at the canceled Geneva Motor Show, the Hyundai “Prophecy” EV aims to convey the automaker’s latest design philosophy, Sensuous Sportiness, which strips away complexity in favor of clean lines, along with minimalistic structures. On the outside, it features pixel lamp lights integrated into the headlamp, tail lamp and spoiler. A wide air intake can be found below the bumper that takes fresh air to cool the batteries more effectively, delivering an even more eco-friendly EV to customers. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.