Pokemon Sleep iOS Android Release
Pokemon Sleep is finally set to hit both iOS an Android platforms this summer after being in development for the past four years. Think of it as a sleep tracking game that starts the night before and progresses into the next day, which sees you raising Snorlax. This creature grows larger as your get more sleep, thus attracting even more Pokemon to your island to enable you to discover more sleep styles.

Apple iOS 17 WWDC Features
Apple iOS 17 is a new major release for iPhones that introduces several new features including StandBy, a full-screen experience designed to provide users with glanceable information while charging on its side. This means that it would be perfect for nightstands, desks, or kitchen counters and can be customized with clock styles, photos and widgets including SmartStacks, which show the right widgets at the proper time.

Hot Wheels Rift Rally iOS PlayStation
Mario Kart: Home Circuit started the mixed reality racing craze, and Hot Wheels Rift Rally adds fuel to the fire. Set for release on iOS and PlayStation 4 / 5 platforms, this game puts you behind the wheel various Hot Wheels vehicles using the Chameleon RC car, which can digitally transform into over 140 vehicle variations, including the iconic Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, as well as Gotta Go.

TMNT Shredder's Revenge iOS Android Netflix
Sure, the Blockbuster comedy series may not have lasted for more than a season, but that didn’t stop Netflix from releasing the 1980s-style TMNT Shredder’s Revenge for iOS and Android today. It’s free for all members of the streaming service and lets you play with iconic TMNT characters including Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, as well as Rupert’s Pizza-loving Michelangelo.