Japanese Gadget


You read that right, LED grills are the latest fad to hit Japan. Put simply, these are “an LED insert which can be affixed to your teeth (a bit like a mouth guard) and which lights up when you smile.” Video after the break.

You can even get a wireless hand-held computer by which to control the contraption, making your teeth change change color – from a lurid green to demonic-looking red – or even blink.

[via Dailymail]

For those who have just tuned into the online world of gadgets, you most likely have missed some of the weird gems found only in Japan, like the kissing training device above. Click here to see them all. Continue reading for a video of the Slim Mouth Piece.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Tattuki Bako, a strange finger game from Japan, it “provides a unique way of playing with your virtual pet, or to have fun with one of the different mini games or ‘stages’.” Video after the break.

What do we say about this new Bandai toy? Simply put, the Tuttuki Bako is similar to a Tamagochi, this time you interact with it with one finger.

[via Akihabaranews]

Bomb Clock

When the Danger Bomb Clock from Japantrendshop “goes off at the preset time, you have to choose which wire to cut — choose the wrong one and…KABOOM.” Priced at $64. Video after the break.

The DangerBomb Clock from Banpresto is the best way to bring out your inner Jack Bauer by making you defuse a bomb every morning. The wire is randomly set for every time, so you’ll always be on your toes.

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Little Jammer

Kenwood’s Little Jammer Pro from Japantrendshop lets you enjoy “3-D live sound through independent speakers, with the new 16 bit poly-phonic sound engine.” Available now, priced at $607. Video after the break.

The 6.1 ch sound system makes the music very realistic. Each character speaker plays it own independent channel, and each character moves in synchronicity to that sound.

[via Japantrendshop]