Japanese Gadget

Card Mouse

The ultra slim card mouse from Japantrendshop plugs “into the TypeII PC card slot on your laptop — it gets charged this way as well.” Available now, priced at $107. Video after the break.

To use, simply pop it out and start surfing. It uses Bluetooth so there’s no need for any wireless dongle as long as you have it too.

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Fire Flower

Unlike other fire extinguishers, the Fire Flower from Japantrendshop “looks just like a decorative silk flower, but can be used to put out oil and grease fires with ease.” Available now, priced at $37. Video after the break.

To use the Fire Flowers, just keep them attached to a nearby surface using the included magnets. In the case of an oil/grease fire, simply place the flowers into the pan and they will instantly take over, covering the oil with a film that stops the burning.

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Night Cruiser

The Micromaster HG2 night cruiser helicopter from Japantrendshop “can take off and land from the included launch pad, even in the dark.” Product page. Video after the break.

The HG2 Night Cruiser also comes with its own LED-lighted display case to keep it safe and secure during downtime. The Micromaster series is the best when it comes to lightweight, easy to control indoor helicopters that can be used around the house safely.

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Wooden Mouse

The handmade Jupiter wooden mouse “moves in the direction and velocity according to the tilt of the spherical device, which rests comfortably in the palm of your hand.” Video after the break.

The Jupiter mouse not only brings a refreshing natural element to your desk bit also offers an exciting new approach to navigating your computer screen.

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Ice Ball

Impress your friends with the Ice Ball, which makes perfectly frozen ice shapes in seconds. To do that: “heat briefly in hot water, place good-quality ice in the mold, put on the top, and it works on its own.” Video after the break.

Of course, this is the Mini Version, but you can fill a glass with a single ball or creative shape using the other available molds, ranging up to 80mm.

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Peri Peri

Bandai’s Peri Peri keychain basically “recreates the unmistakable feeling of tearing open a rushed FedEx envelope.” Video after the break.

If there’s a downside, it’s that there’s no new wares to be found after each opening, but on the other hand, at least there’s no big dent on your credit card.

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Head Massager

At $47, this strange head massager from Japan features “92 bristles that hit upon that perfect balance of not-too-hard and not-too-soft — molds itself to your head.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

The Head Kenzan is is inspired by a traditional Japanese tool called �kenzan� that is used in Japanese flower arranging to hold plants in place. But to westerners like myself, it looks like some sort of iron maiden for the scalp.

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If you know somone who likes Japanese capsule toys, this shape-shifting pig is a way to embrace both their geeky and curious sides. Video after the jump. Click here for one more picture.

Lokulokus, pigs made out of a gelatinous plastic material that could be squashed against the floor, be completely destroyed, and magically regain their original shape in seconds

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Have you ever wanted to train your smile? Then this Japanese gadget is just for you. Called the “Beauty Smile Trainer”, it’s basically a rubber piece that fits inside your mouth and turns a normal looking smile into a beautiful one.

Simply stick this piece of rubber in your mouth that forces you to smile, and in a matter of days you’re sure to have a smile that won’t be so revolting to those around you

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