Samsung Q950 8K QLED TV
Samsung’s all-new Q950 nearly eliminates the bezel around the display to create a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 percent, the largest in the market. When watching from 10-15 feet away, consumers experience a stunning Infinity Screen effect where the bezels seemingly disappear, thus resulting in an even more immersive viewing experience that eliminates the boundaries between the TV and its surroundings. Read more for a first look straight from CES 2020.

Currently being shown at IFA 2007 is Sharp’s ultraslim LED TV, which measures just 1.26-inches thick. Technical specifications have not yet been announced. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available. First picture in gallery.

The new one-inch thick TV are not experimental as we first imagined: they will release them in two to three years, with a flagship 131-inch version illuminated by some “secret technology we can’t talk about.” We’ve just seen them in Berlin and they really are skinny. Sharp’s Corporate Communications PR-Manager, Martin Beckmann told us all about it

[via Gizmodo]