Nissan GT-R Hillclimb
If you’re not familiar with hillclimbing, it’s basically a motorsport where drivers compete against the clock to complete an uphill course. Franco Scribante Racing have just unveiled their stealthy Nissan GT-R hillclimb car, and it will compete in South Africa’s Simola Hillclimb event next month. There’s the massive rear wing, and then something you don’t see everyday, a large front wing that helps generate even more downforce. hThe team says the heavily modified 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine will generate around 1,600 horsepower to the wheels. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Wald Rolls-Royce Phantom Black Bison
Just when you thought the 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom couldn’t look any more sleek, Japanese tuner Wald International reveals the Black Bison Editon. In addition to the matte black paint job, the luxury sedan boasts a redesigned front bumper with an integrated spoiler, large air intakes, and chrome trim, while the rear bumper sports a massive diffuser, thick exhaust finishers, as well as a mesh finish. If its anything like the company’s previous Rolls-Royce offerings, you can expect to shell out upwards of $35K+ for the package. Read more for additional pictures and a bonus video.

Minecraft Ray Tracing

Photo credit: Imgur
Just in case you don’t know what ray tracing is, this refers to a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects, thus producing a very high degree of visual realism. Digital Foundry used the Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shadows mod on Minecraft to show what the blocky game looks like with modern 2019 graphics. Read more for the 30-minutes gameplay video.

The Pasta PC
YouTuber Laplanet Arts like pasta and computers, so what better way to combine the two than by building a functional PC? Meet “LASAGNA PC V.1”. The computer portion is based around an ASUS Transformer tablet, which means he only need to make a computer case out of pasta, as the other hardware components – motherboard, batteries, buttons and ports – were ready to go. Other tools used include: hot glue, electric tape, and paint for added authenticity. Read more for the build video and additional information.

3D-Printed Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet
Photo credit: Reddit
Always wanted a cool stand or mini arcade cabinet for your Nintendo Switch? Well, if you have a 3D printer, then look no further than this custom creation. Created by Zach on Howchoo, you simply print all the parts, glue them together, and then install the optional electronics. These optional electrical parts charge your Switch while you play, as well as provide additional cooling to help keep the console cool. You can also plug in USB controllers up front since all of the electronics connected directly to a powered USB hub. Read more for a video tutorial, additional pictures and information.

Etch-A-Sketch Camera
Photo credit: Two Bit Arcade via Peta Pixel
Two Bit Arcade’s Martin Fitzpatrick, a self-taught programmer, has built the world’s first Etch A Sketch digital camera, and it’s called the “Etch A Snap”. This pocket-sized device captures digital photos and then uses a Raspberry Pi Zero computer board to draw them onto the actual Etch A Sketch “screen”. The Raspberry Pi uses Pillow and OpenCV to process the photo down to a 240×144 pixel 1-bit black-and-white line before turning them into plotter commands, which are then executed by physically moving the Etch A Sketch wheels with two 5V stepper motors built into a custom 3D-printed frame. Read more for a video and additional information.

Unicorn V3 Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Rally Car
Photo credit: Alex Choi
Alex Choi is no stranger to the supercar scene, but this 19-year-old didn’t want to stick with the typical mods you see all over the place. So, he decided to create Unicorn V3, or to be more specific, a twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan rally car. He first upgraded the engine with Sheepey Race bolt-on twin-turbo kit, and then to make things safer, a hand-crafted chromoly and stainless steel cage that surrounds the entire car, inspired by the Flip Car from Fast & Furious 6. Read more for a video and additional information.

Chevy Camaro EL1 Formula Drift Electric Car
The Formula DRIFT series basically consists of an eight-round championship played out at race tracks across North America. Competitors are judged on line, angle, and style, rather than who finishes the course fastest, and it seamlessly blends together traditional racing and extreme sports. Napoleon Motorsports wanted to enter, but not with a traditional drift car. So, they took a Chevy Camaro, gutted it, and then proceeded to install an electric drivetrain generating 515 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque. Read more for a first look video and additional information.

Land Rover 110 Transformer Camper

Photo credit: WildFennec
Wild Fennec wanted to go on off-road adventures with some of the creature comforts of home. So, they transformed their Land Rover Defender 110 into a tiny house of sorts. At the push of a button, a camper with enough room for two adults pops up in approximately 43-seconds. Inside, you’ll find a sleeping area, kitchentte, composting toilet, and a dining area. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Linear DOOM Mod
The Linear DOOM Mod by DeXiaZ is available now on ModDB, Linear Doom squeezes all the game’s levels from beginning to end into a single action-packed hallway. Though it’s still possible to the left or right, nearly all of the gameplay, including the demons and secret switches, have been packed into a straight line. “No more “there the hell I must go now?”. JUST GO FORWARD. This mod contains only 3 episodes. I suppose that episode #4 must be released few years later after Linear Doom 2,” said its creator. Read more for a video of it in-action and the download link to try it out yourself.