MANSORY F9XX Tempesta Celeste Ferrari SF90 Spider
There’s the BSTN GT XI lawnmower, and then the MANSORY F9XX Tempesta Celeste, based on the Ferrari SF90 Spider. It’s limited to 3-units worldwide, with each vehicle being a ‘one of one’, depending on how the customer decides to configure things. Starting with the exterior, it features several forged carbon body parts including enlarged air intakes in the front apron, a full-carbon bonnet, a rear double diffuser and a two-level split spoiler.

John Dodd The Beast Merlin V12
John Dodd’s ‘The Beast’ is not sleek or stylish, but this custom 1972 vehicle is the world’s first and only to be powered by a 27L Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 tank engine that generates 750 hp, mated to a custom-built automatic transmission. Inside, there are two bucket seats, a center console with several gauges, a shifter for the automatic transmission and red rocker switches that initiate the starting sequence for the Merlin engine.

James Brown Custom LEGO Brick DOOM Tilt Controls
Programmer James Brown has developed several versions of his custom LEGO brick that can play DOOM, and the latest one includes tilt controls. Put simply, he connected an accelerometer to make DOOM playable entirely on the brick without needing an external keyboard, mouse, controller, etc. Why does the image look so strange? The reason is because you’re looking at a monochrome OLED screen with a single bit brightness level.