Sealed Super Mario Bros. NES
This sealed first-run copy of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System sold for a whopping $100,150 in a private transaction earlier this month, making it the the first six-figure transaction for a single collectible game. For comparison, a sealed copy of this same game sold for over $30,000 in 2017, which was a record at the time. What makes this one more valuable? Instead of being shrink-wrapped in plastic, the first-run. boxes produced in America were only sealed on the top flap, and instead feature a black foil circular sticker with the Nintendo logo on it, sold during a brief period of time before the NES’ national rollout in 1985-1986. Back then, an NES set only came packaged with Duck Hunt and Gyromite, but not Super Mario Bros. Read more for a video, another picture and additional information.

Pokemon Go Snapshot AR+ Mode
Pokémon Go is set to get a Snapshot mode, in addition to the AR+ mode, that lets you to pose and interact with creatures you’ve already captured. Simply open the camera or navigate to a specific Pokémon in your bag, tap the screen to toss their Poké Ball to that place, and then you’ll be able to move around the life-sized Pokémon for optimal angles for your photos. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Russell Westbrook Game Boy Air Jordan

Photo credit: Recon Beat Lab
First, there were these Super Soaker sneakers, and now, Recon Beat Lab has unveiled a pair of Russell Westbook Game Boy-themed Jordans. These Why Not Zer0.2s sneakers, Westbrook’s signature shoe, sports a Game Boy-inspired color scheme, complete with a Game Boy cartridge hang-tag and even a Game Boy box that looks like a giant version of the classic portable game console. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Stop-Motion Super Mario Bros.
Photo credit: Kisaragi Hutae
Artist Kisaragi Hutae wanted to pay tribute to Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros., so he decided to recreate the iconic World 1-1 level using stop-motion animation. Yes, everything is hand-drawn, including the Question Mark Blocks, Up Mushrooms, to the Goomba stop animation. Sure, there are some imperfections, such as the background flickering slightly between frames, and a blank between each page of the notebook, but that’s what makes it even more incredible. Read more to watch.

Raspberry Pi Computer Game Boy

The Raspberry Pi 3 mini computer can be used for many projects, including building portable game consoles, like the one you see above. This modder crammed one of these into an original DMG-01 Game Boy, complete with an IPS 3.5-inch display, 6 face buttons, L&R plus buttons, and even an Analog Stick. It can easily run N64 games to many arcade classics, thanks to its 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, dual-band wireless LAN, and Bluetooth 4.2/BLE in the same mechanical format as the Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+. Read more for another video and additional information.

The Legend of Zelda Doom Mod DB
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, Mod DB user “Exkodius” is trying to recreate The Legend of Zelda in the Doom engine. In other words, the classic 8-bit game can now be played in a 3D perspective. Unfortunately, the programmer does not have the time and / or resources to complete the project, so files, along with a demo, were released onto the internet. “I really hope someone with the passion or just the know how can have some use of this and maybe even finish it?,” said Exkodius. Read more for a video and the link to download the files to try it out yourself.

Metro Prime 4 Retro Studios Nintendo Switch

Shinya Takahashi, senior managing executive officer at Nintendo, announced today that the company’s internal production on Metroid Prime 4 will be scrapped. The game had been in development for the Switch for two years by a team led by long-time franchise producer Kensuke Tanabe, but now, all work is being restarted from scratch by Austin, Texas-based Retro Studios, makers of the first three Metroid Prime games. Read more for another video and additional information.

New BittBoy

The New BittBoy is an ultra portable game console that not only plays Game Boy games, but NES as well as Game Boy Color titles, and near perfectly to say the least. Measuring in at a svelte 6.8 x 9.9 x 1.3cm, it features a bright 2.4-inch (original 2.2-inch) IPS LCD display, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microSD card slot. Thanks to its new 700mAh battery (original 500mAh), you’ll get roughly 3-hours of continuous gameplay before needing a recharge. Product page (Amazon) / Aliexpress. Read more for our full review.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Nintendo Switch

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has just hit the Nintendo Switch and one of the first reviews has already gone live. For those interested, this version actually contains New Super Mario Bros. U and the even more challenging New Super Luigi U – two full games with a lots of high-quality content. While you can play as iconic characters Mario, Luigi, Toad and Nabbit, a new character also joins the mix – Toadette, while less-experienced players can play as Nabbit and Toadette, since they offer extra assistance during play. When Toadette picks up a Super Crown, she transforms into Peachette and can double jump, float slowly during freefall and also boost back up after falling into a pit. As Nabbit, players won’t be hurt by enemies and can earn extra 1UPs at the end of stages. Get it here now. Read more for the video review and additional information.

Pokémon GO Ninantic Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Photo credit: Reddit
Pokémon GO maker Niantic, a startup specializing in mobile augmented reality (AR) games, has managed to secure $190-million in a new Series C funding round, as revealed in SEC documents, ahead of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launch. In the latest funding round, a total of 26 investors participated, with the names of the investors currently unknown, but the company had previously raised $200 million in November 2017, led by Spark Capital. With the latest round, the company has raised over $415 million till date from investors. Wizards Unite gameplay has been described as similar to that of its predecessor, with players able to view the gameplay world through a smartphone and enable them to fight against mythical beasts from both the Harry Potter universe. Read more for a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailer breakdown and additional information.