Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in Amiibo functionality, and more, all for $55.54 shipped, today only, originally $69.99. The Pro Controller can be used when the Nintendo Switch is either docked or undocked. A setting can be turned on to use the controller in wired USB mode; however, this will disable the NFC reader on the controller. Standalone Docks are available, which include a power adapter and HDMI cable. Product page. Read more to see the hidden message in every Switch Pro Controller.

KB Toys Catalog 1980s

Photo credit: Tokka via Bored Panda
K·B Toys, also known as Kay Bee Toys, is a now closed American chain of mall-based retail toy stores, originally founded in 1922 as Kaufman Brothers, a wholesale candy store. By 1999, the company operated 1,324 stores across the United States, and was the second-largest toy retailer in the U.S. They officially went out of business on February 9, 2009 after filing for bankruptcy, with just 461 stores in operation at the time of its closure. Strategic Marks, a company that buys and revives defunct brands, purchased the brand in 2016, and in March 2018 announced plans to open new stores under the name this holiday season. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Ghostly x Analogue Super Nt

Analogue, a company that specializes in high-end retro gaming hardware that plays classic NES, Super NES and SEGA Genesis games, unveils its latest creation, the limited edition Ghostly x Analogue Super Nt. Each all-white console will also come with a matching 8BitDo SN30 wireless controller, 8BitDo Retro Receiver, Super Turrican – Director’s Cut [digital], Super Turrican 2 [digital], STDC Original SNES-style box art, HDMI / USB cables, and a worldwide USB power supply. It’s limited to 1,000-units worldwide and priced at $249.99. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Taiwanese Grandpa Pokemon Go

We first covered Chen San-yuan, a 70-year-old in Taiwan that has been dubbed “Pokémon Grandpa,” a few months back when he was only using 6 devices to play Pokémon Go. Now, he’s using 15 mobile phones at once while riding his bike to catch all the rare creatures that he can. How did it all begin? He learned about the game from his grandson in 2016, and has been playing ever since. “I used one cell phone back then and kept playing and playing. After a month, it became three cellphones, six cellphones, nine cellphones, 12 and 15, like that,” said Chen. Read more to see his 11 smartphone rig from a while back and for additional information.

Nintendo iQue Player

The iQue Player is a lost Nintendo video game console that was manufactured by iQue, a joint venture between the Japanese company and Chinese-American scientist Wei Yen. Even though the console was never released in any English speaking countries, the name “iQue Player” appears in the console’s instruction manual. There was no separate console, you plug the controller itself directly into the television, but a box accessory is available that allows multiplayer gaming. It was officially released on November 17, 2003, but unfortunately, the launch was not successful, with total estimated sales between 8,000 to 12,000 units. Games are stored on a 64 MB flash card that is contained within a cartridge that plugs directly into the controller, and titles were purchased at a special “iQue depot”, where they could be downloaded and played later. Read more for an unboxing video, additional pictures and information.

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition is no ordinary gaming book, as it’s designed to look like a giant golden NES cartridge, complete with sleeve, all for $33.45 shipped, today only, originally $79.99. More specifically, the book comes with a black polypropylene sleeve, lined with velvet flocking, and a scale instruction booklet with theme-appropriate material inside. The cover itself is made from a gold foil paper with gloss lamination and a finished with a spot gritty varnish, while the details are embossed / debossed for added authenticity. Product page. Read more for another hands-on video review, additional pictures and information.

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit lets you build an interactive robot suit, complete with a visor, backpack and straps for your hands and feet, which you can then wear to assume control of a giant in-game robot, and it’s being offered for just $59.99 shipped, today only, originally $79.99. Simply insert the Left and Right Joy-Con into the designated slots on the backpack and visor to assume control of the robot, which is shown on your display when the Nintendo Switch console is docked. Experience a variety of fun game-play modes, including one in which you can destroy in-game buildings and UFOs. Product page. Read more for an in-depth review showing all that you can make with this kit.

Nintendo Game Boy Player

Before the Nintendo Wii, there was the Game Boy Player, which enables Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance cartridges to be played on a GameCube. It was the very last Game Boy-based add-on for a Nintendo console, and connected via the high-speed parallel port at the bottom of the GameCube console. Unfortunately, it required the use of a boot disc to access the hardware, but on the bright side, it doesn’t use software emulation, instead relying on physical hardware nearly identical to that of a Game Boy Advance. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Nintendo Color TV-Game 6 First Console

Before the NES, Nintendo released the Color TV-Game in Japan, a series of five home dedicated consoles. A total of three million units of the first four models, and half a million units of each of the next two models, were sold. These models have the highest sales figures of the first generation of video game consoles, and can run on C batteries or an AC adapter. Read more for two additional videos and information.

Flip Grip Nintendo Switch

Fangamer’s Flip Grip transforms your Nintendo Switch into a handheld arcade machine that lets you play select games in vertical “TATE [Japanese word for vertical] mode” orientation. The vertical aspect ratio uses the entire screen for games designed to be played in portrait orientation, such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Pinball FX 3, Stern Pinball Classics, Ikaruga, Gunbird, and more. Currently, it supports 21 Switch games in vertical orientation, with at least 7 more announced and coming soon. It consists of a single piece of durable injection-molded [ABS] plastic and locks the Switch screen in place, with standard rails on the sides to slide in Joy-Cons. For those worried about the Switch’s air vents, the makers claim that air still flows freely due to extra space being added in the back, while still keeping easy access to the headphone jack, game card, and SD card slots. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.