Razer Qualcomm Snapdragon Handheld Game Console Hands-On
Move over Nintendo Switch and Valve Steam Deck, Razer’s new Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x-powered handheld game console may be coming sooner than later. This G3x platform offers next-generation gaming in the form of am Adreno GPU to run games at an ultra-smooth 144 frames per second and 10-bit HDR in over a billion shades of color. Plus, Qualcomm FastConnec 6900 Mobile Connectivity boasts Wi-Fi 6 and 6E for low latency and fast upload and download speeds. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

Nintendo Switch Orion UpSwitch Portable Gaming Screen
Can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro, which is rumored to be announced next year, but want to supersize your current console? If so, then look no further than the ORION UpSwitch. Simply put, this is a 11.6-inch 1080p portable gaming monitor that can be attached to an undocked Nintendo Switch, complete with an HDMI port, USB-C port, stereo speakers, Joy-Con grip sliders, and a kickstand. Read more for a video and additional information.

GBA Game Boy Advance PlayStation Raspberry Pi
H/t: Engadget
Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance hardware technically can’t play SEGA Genesis or Sony PlayStation games, but with the help of Raspberry Pi, this has now become a reality. Simply put, the mini computer runs software that streams games directly to a Game Boy Advance via its Link Port. Video / audio are then compressed and transmitted in real time to the handheld, while the latter responds with its current input, allowing to play games of any platform supported by RetroPie. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Apple TV Super Mario 64 Port tvOS
Officially called the “Super Mario 64 decomp project,” this port is exactly as it sounds, but for an unlikely device, the Apple TV. This isn’t a basic port either, as it’s designed to run at 60FPS on tVOS and was made possible due to the sm64 decompilation project, along with sm64ex. The original goal was to create a Super Mario 64 port for iOS, but eventually morphed into this project. Read more for a short video and how to download it.

Nintendo Game Watch Series The Legend of Zelda
At $49.99 USD, the new Nintendo Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda offers a timeless classic on the go, and just like the Super Mario Bros. version released last year, it has the same form factor. Featuring a green-themed design, complete with the standard A / B buttons and four-direction D-Pad, it comes loaded with The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Read more for an early hands-on review and additional information.

NES Mike Tyson Punch-Out Motion Controls
H/t: Gizmodo
Always wanted to play the original NES Punch-Out!! game with motion controls? Ian Charnas has just the modification for you. This doesn’t work with all versions of the game, like the one released in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii, but it’s a creative way to play the game to say the least. It makes usre of Google’s AI-powered MoveNet, which can be used to detects 17 different points on a human body and create a stick figure to mirror movements. Read more for a video of the mod in-action and additional information.

Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Mod
Macho Nacho Productions wanted to modernize the Game Boy Advance SP, and what better way than with a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers? Since the GBA SP already has a mod kit that allows you to output to a standard TV, finding a way to connect the controllers was the only thing left to do. So, a 3D-printed trunk of sorts was fabricated to hold the Joy-Cons, while a Raspberry Pi Zero-powered PCB transmitted the commands. Read more to see the mod in-action.

LEGO Super Mario Luigis Mansion Sets
The LEGO Super Mario world is getting three new Expansion Sets that follow the storyline of Luigi’s Mansion. You’ll get to experience new features that are specially designed to inspire creative play, with several fan favorite characters, including King Boo, Polterpup, Bogmire, Toad, Boo and more. Simply use a LEGO Mario or Luigi interactive figure from the Starter Courses to bring these new sets to life, complete with immersive sounds and music. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Sealed Graded Wata Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Auction
Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 2, based on the Famicom’s Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, was first released in October 1988, and the 2D side-scrolling platform game consisted of 20 different levels spanning seven worlds. This pristine condition copy was discovered in a box of video games sitting out back of a crowded walk-in closet in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Nintendo GameCube Turned Gaming PC
Gamer Preston Roberts, better known as ETA Prime online, transformed an old Nintendo GameCube console into a functional gaming PC. This game console, originally released in September 14, 2001 in Japan, may not have been a roaring success, or at least when compared to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, but it definitely held its own. For those who happen to come across a broken unit or even just a shell, here’s what you can do with it. Read more for the build video and to see it in-action.