SEGA R360 Arcade Machine
SEGA’s R360 (Rotate 360) is a motion-based arcade cabinet first released in Japan in 1990. As the name implies, this machine boasts the ability to spin 360 degrees in any direction on two metal axis, allowing the player to freely move as the cabinet mimics the in-game action, including the ability to turn completely upside down. To keep you safe, there’s a safety bar and four-point safety harness, while an emergency stop button can be found inside / outside the cabinet and on the attendant tower. Unfortunately, it only supported two games: G-LOC: Air Battle and Wing War. Read more to see one that was found dumped in a field.

Lee Peters found this R360 cabinet dumped outside a farm in Northern Island by its former owner who never returned for the machine. Unfortunately, nothing looks salvageable, but a restoration expert might be able to fix this back up to new at a considerable cost, since parts are no longer being manufactured for it.

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SEGA R360 Arcade Machine
SEGA R360 Arcade Machine

Photo credit: Lee Peters