Sony PlayStation 2 PS5 Mod
Photo credit: SUP3R5
Sup3r5 doesn’t want to deal with selling just stickers, plates or vinyl pieces for the Sony PlayStation 5, so they decided to modify entire game consoles. Inspired by the original PS2, these limited edition consoles will retail for $649 USD when they go on sale later this week. These are real deal PS5 consoles that their team took and carefully applied the retro inspired design to each unit by hand, paying the utmost attention to detail. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Sony PS5 Golden Rock Solid Gold Console
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Russia-based Caviar has done it again with their latest offering, a one-of-one Sony PlayStation 5 “Golden Rock” edition. The functionality of the game console hasn’t changed, but aesthetically, it looks like something that belongs in a museum, complete with 20 kg (44.09 lb) of solid 18K gold. To be more specific, it boasts 8 plates, all cast in solid 18-karat gold, which means it’s basically one single block of the metallic yellow element. Read more for another picture and additional information.

Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation 1
Cyberpunk 2077 has been plagued with glitches, to the point where both Sony and Microsoft have offered refunds to those who’ve purchased the title for PS4 or Xbox One. To pay tribute to some of these bugs, one developer created a short clip showing what the game would look like on the original Sony PlayStation. It starts out in first-person view, with the main character walking down a main road, complete with 2D sprite cars in the backdrop vanishing at a distance. Read more for the video and additional information.

Sony PlayStation 5 Concrete Brick
Sony’s PlayStation 5 both digital and disc versions are the hottest items this holiday season. Despite the latter retailing for $499, one man from Utah decided that the scalping bots that scour online stores were too much of a hassle to deal with. So, he decided to buy one off eBay for $878. A few days later the item arrives, but to his surprise, instead of a game console, there was a concrete brick inside the box instead. Read more for a video explaining the situation and additional information.

Sony PlayStation 5 Scam eBay Video Game Console Photo
Let’s face it, countless scalpers have used bots to deplete the stock of PlayStation 5 consoles, both digital and the disc version, as soon as they hit stores. So, this means that reseller websites, like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc., are filled with people trying to sell them for a premium. Unfortunately, this has lead scammers to deceive others by listing the PlayStation 5 and adding just a photo to the end of the title. As you can see in the image above, several have already sold for over $600 USD. Read more for a video showing some of the worst fake PS5s that actually sold on eBay.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Patio Heater
You’ve seen Miles Morales as a brick, now gamers have discovered that you can play as a patio heater, called “Spider-Lamp”. Yes, players still have access to all of Spider-Man’s powers when in this form, including being able to launch himself into the air and web sling around the city. If you get far enough, the character also gains Venom Blast (the ability to incapacitate his enemies with electricity), Camouflage (temporary invisibility), and Mega Venom Blast (the ability to attack multiple nearby enemies with his venom blast). Read more for two videos and additional information.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spider-Brick
Most comic book fans already know that Miles Morales was bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and gained powers similar to Peter Parker’s. Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place a year after the first game’s conclusion, a time when Morales has trained under Parker and has fully integrated himself into the role of a Spider-Man, though he has yet to gain the experience. One thing the character may not have expected is to become Spider-Brick. Read more to see this bizarre bug discovered in the game.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Game
Sony’s PlayStation 5 is set to launch tomorrow (Nov. 12), so it’s only natural for gamers to pit it against its rival, the newly-released Xbox Series X. Both are the most powerful game consoles currently on the market, but there are some differences. To show them, Digital Foundry compared Devil May Cry V: Special Edition on both in a head-to-head battle. In Normal mode, both can run the game at a native 4K with an unlocked frame rate with just minor dips below 60fps. Read more for the video and additional information.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Into the Spider-Verse Suit
What better game to showcase the PlayStation 5’s power than Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man: Miles Morales, especially with the new Into the Spider-Verse suit they just revealed. Those who pre-order the game will be able to use this suit on launch day, while others will need to wait before it’s unlocked. If you happened to watch the film, you’ll realize that the lower frame rate on Miles’ movements in-game match its disjointed look, all done purposely to show this character’s inexperience. Read more for a gameplay video and additional information.

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Slim
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Sony’s PlayStation 5 is set to hit stores on November 12th, and some gamers who decided to pass on this first version are waiting for a slim model, like this one by Jermaine Smit. Thanks to its slimmer profile, this console would easily fit into a TV cabinet or on smaller shelves. How long do we have to wait to see a PS5 Slim? Well, the PlayStation 4 was originally released on November 22, 2013 and the PS4 Slim didn’t hit stores until September 15, 2016, so it may be a while. On the bright side, the latter was $100 less than the original console. Read more for a video and additional pictures.