US Customs WATA Graded Pokemon Yellow Destroyed
Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive Studios, posted an image of a WATA graded copy of Pokemon Yellow that was reportedly destroyed by US Customs and Border Protection before it reached his friend. The acrylic case was cracked, seal discarded, and the front of the box was even sliced off. If this 9.2 A+ graded copy was still sealed, it would be worth over $10,000 USD, based on recent sales.

Real Pokemon Silver Cartridge Metal
While you can’t use this to listen to music like these Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon Edition, but this Pokemon Silver cartridge by Modified made from pure .999 silver metal is far more of a conversation piece. First, he needed to accurately measure and model the Game Boy Color cartridge to ensure it would be compatible with the handheld game console. This meant creating a aluminum copy first before working with the more pricey silver.