Pong Table

Pong, the first sports arcade game, has been given an analog, yet modern, makeover. Gamer Daniel Perdomo and friends spent 2-years creating the Pong Table, which boasts functional rectangular paddles and a square ball to maintain authenticity. Players move the paddles mechanically, while magnets underneath guide the ball glides across the playing surface. Perdomo added LED scoring lights and retro decals to give it the in-game look. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Adafruit Industries’ MONOCHRON is an open-source clock kit that “has an default animated display, but is easily hackable to do whatever you wish – pictured above, retro arcade style table tennis for two.” Available now, priced at $80. Product page. Video after the break.

The best part? The time changes whenever the clock “loses” — something tells us that gives one side at least a 59-to-1 advantage.

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Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard Pong puts a twist on the classic game by letting players actually draw out the paddles as the ball (light) approaches. We’re guessing that the board itself uses cameras to track movement, connected to a remote computer. Video after the break.

Check it out, thrill to the high-speed action and grin at the ultimate use of a whiteboard: so much better than the usual business drivel that gets drawn on them.

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The Pong Clock may be nothing new, but one modder decided to create his own by taking apart an old IBM ThinkPad and mounting it on a custom frame. Click here for first picture in gallery.

On the back of the clock he left access to the Thinkpad’s left and right mouse buttons which allows him to configure the settings without the need for an external mouse.

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Battle Pong

What could be better than surfing the web and/or YouTube on your iPhone? Playing Battle Pong with friends. Put simply, this is an updated version of “Atari’s classic paddle ball game, with a multi-device, multi-player twist.” Video after the break.

While the game can’t actually detect the proximity of the devices at this point, it does appear to store the exit position of the ball on one screen and transmit that as the entrance point on the adjacent screen.

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Pong, the world’s first video arcade game, made its debut in arcades on Nov. 29th, 1972. Though the sport of table tennis, in which the game is based, may sound simple, there are many creative ways to play the game, including on clocks, electro mechanical machines, with flashlights, and more. Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for the eight creative ways to play.

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, AtariMuseum managed to uncover Atari’s very first commercial. Hit the jump to watch.

I will warn you, the sound is really bad, but it doesn’t take away from the strangest part of the commercial, the male maid. The cowboy in the foreground is speaking to what i can only assume is is wife, Doreen, and asking her to come back home. Apparently she went out to play Pong and never came home

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