S2000 CR

Model A S2000

This project all began with James Schwartz’s custom 1930 Ford Model A project in 2015, which consisted of a Model A body on a custom tube chassis, all powered by a Honda S2000 F20C inline-four, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. Two-years later, Ricky Boada acquired the vehicle, and several upgrades ensued, including a modified firewall, chassis around the transmission, rear wing, new mounts and a custom diffuser. Continue reading for a more detailed video, pictures and information.

Ford Model A S2000

Auto enthusiast James Schwartz came across a rendering (bottom image) by Aaron Beck and decided to make that vehicle a reality, and thus this Franken-car was born. He began with a Ford Model A cab, and started some heavy metal fabrication, which included a six inch chop and shortened grill. Next, a custom frame was made from square tubing with a C-notch in the rear to allow the car sit as low as possible. Last, but not least, an F20C engine and six-speed transmission was taken out of a donor S2000. Click here for the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one that takes you inside a warehouse where thousands of robots pack groceries.

InsideLineVideo interviews Honda legend Shigeru Uehara, designer of the NSX and S2000, in this segment. Video after the jump. First picture in gallery.

The factory-tuned roadster provides highly-aggressive suspension settings, increased body and chassis rigidity, overall weight reduction and an aerodynamic body kit dialed-in for reduced lift. An aluminum hardtop replaces the convertible soft top as standard equipment

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