Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Screen Protector

Photo credit: Steve Kovach / Des
Before pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy Fold, you might want to check out a few pictures and videos of people who accidentally removed a protective layer on the main display that is required for proper function. At first glance, this may appear to be a screen protector of sorts, but as many early reviewers found out, it’s actually some type of protective layer that keeps the folding display functional. Read more for additional videos and pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S10 3D-Printed Fingerprint
Imgur’s “darkshark” managed to fool the Samsung Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor using just a 3D-printer. Tha’s right, he captured his fingerprint on a wineglass, used Photoshop to clean it up, and then created a model using 3DS Max that was used to extrude the lines in the picture into a 3D version. In the end, it took 13-minutes to print a version of his fingerprint that managed to unlock the smartphone. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Dual-Folding Samsung Galaxy Xiaomi
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Samsung may have a dual-folding Galaxy smartphone in the works, as revealed by their patent filing, and it’s quite similar to the Xiaomi model that was shown earlier this year. Featuring a large flexible screen that can fold twice, as in once expanded, there’s a tablet-sized display, but when folded, the screen remains on the outside. You basically curl the screen around the housing, so that the entire device consists of a display, both the front and rear. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Samsung Firevase Flower Vase
Samsung subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide unveils Firevase, which looks like a normal flower vase at first, but it actually doubles as a fire extinguisher. Simply put, its outer chamber is filled with fast-cooling potassium carbonate that quickly suppresses oxygen when the vase shatters, while the inner chamber works like normal, and holds water for your flowers or plants. Read more to see it in-action and for additional information.

Galaxy Fold Display Test
Apple could be releasing a folding iPhone this year, but Samsung has already beat them to the punch with their Galaxy Fold smartphone, which hits stores on April 26th, priced at $1,980. The one thing most users may worry about is just how durable the display is, and this newly released video aims to put those worries to ease. Simply put, they’ve created special stress test machines that subjected the devices to several rounds of reliability testing. Read more to see how it works.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Samsung’s T5 Portable 500GB SSD easily slides into your pocket, and it’s being offered for just $97.99 shipped, today only, originally $129.99. Boasting Samsung V-NAND flash memory and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, this tiny external SSD provides transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s, or up to 4.9x faster than external HDDs. Transfers and backups of large-sized data including 4K videos and high-resolution photos will be faster than ever before. Product page. Read more for another video review and additional information.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Fold
Set for launch on April 26 in the US, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold features two displays as you may already know; its front cover has a small, 4.6-inch display in the center designed for one-handed use, and when folded open, a 7.3-inch display is revealed. Samsung rated the fold mechanism as supporting up to 200,000 uses. The tablet display sports a large notch in the top-right corner, and is coated with a custom multi-layer laminate instead of glass. A new video has leaked from a manufacturing hub in Vietnam showing the handset running on the AT&T network a full month before its official release.Read more to see the visible seam and additional information.

Samsung 256GB EVO Select MicroSDXC
Samsung’s 25GB EVO Select MicroSDXC with adapter is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras, and even the Nintendo Switch, all for $39.99 shipped, today only, originally $54.99. Featuring super-fast read & write speeds of up to 100MB/s & 90MB/s respectively, this tiny card lets you transfer a 3GB video to your computer in a mere 38-seconds. Shoot high quality photos and videos, and share them all in a near instant. It can roughly store 12-hours of 4K UHD video, 33-hours of Full HD video, 55,200 photos, or 22,500 songs. Product page. Read more for an unboxing video (128GB model) and additional information.

Bendable Samsung Smartwatch
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
It’s only a matter of time before foldable smartphones and smartwatches merge into a single device, like this bendable Samsung Galaxy creation you see above by Lets Go Digital. Last year, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for a ‘Shape retaining structure of electronic device and electronic device including same,’ and it was just published on March 7, 2019. Simply put, it can bend in one direction and curls up so you’re able to wear it on your wrist. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Case

Yes, soon there will be a large number of companies making cases for folding phones, starting with Spigen. Even before the Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially announced at the company’s Unpacked event last week, they created as many as 20 mock-ups, all of which have front covers that protect the top and bottom bezels of the 4.6-inch outside screens with cutouts for the rear triple-camera system. At launch, they’ll have Tough Armor, Ultra Hybrid, and Thin Fit (above) models available, priced at around $20. Read more for another video and additional information.