Samsung Galaxy S11 Leak Expandable Display
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Samsung Electronics filed a new patent in late 2018 for a “Galaxy smartphone with expandable display” at the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), and after many months, it was finally published on June 24, 2019. In this patent filing, there are fourteen sketches where a Galaxy-like smartphone can be seen, but unlike its predecessors, this edge-to-edge display can extend the width of the phone, after which the screen surface increases around 50%. Read more to see the patents, for additional pictures and information.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Photo credit: Ishan Agarwal
Samsung is set to reveal the Galaxy Note 10 at a press event on August 7th, but today, the company accidentally leaked official images of the device at a presentation in Seoul, South Korea. Since attendees were forbidden to capture photos of the presentation, Samsung representative would not confirm that the handset you see pictured above is actually the production Galaxy Note 10. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Samsung Smartphone Expandable Display

Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Samsung’s rollable display made its debut a few years back, but on June 11, 2019, a patent titled “Display Device” was published in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database. This patent consists of 27 sketches and an extensive documentation of a mobile device with a retractable display, complete with a rolling mechanism that expands at the push of a button. Read more to see the patent, additional pictures and information.

Samsung 512GB MicroSDXC EVO Select
Samsung’s 512GB MicroSDXC EVO Select Card ensures you never run out of space again on your mobile devices, and it’s being offered for only $99.99 shipped today. UHS Speed Class U3 and Class 10 means you’ll get up to 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds, making it ideal for 4K UHD video recording, high-resolution photos, gaming, as well as music. The included SD card adapter means it’s compatible with an even wider range of devices, including laptops. Product page. Read more for an unboxing video and additional information.

Samsung Galaxy Stick
Rollable displays are nothing new, and have been around for quite some time, whether in television sets or even laptops, but what if one were to be incorporated into a modern smartphone? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Stick. When it’s not in use, the display is hidden away in the sleek aluminum chassis, while a secondary display on the body is used to display calls, messages, battery indicators, and other notifications. Read more for an animated image, additional pictures and information.

Samsung Folding Phone Edge-to-Edge Display
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been indefinitely delayed due to the folding screen issues, but we can be sure that the company is already working on models several generations ahead. One patent, published on May 28, 2019 under the title ‘Foldable electronic device including flexible display,’ shows a smartphone with a full-screen design. It sports two housings that are held together by a hinge. Read more to see the patent and for additional pictures as well as information.

Samsung Wall Luxury
Samsung unveils “The Wall Luxury,” and luxurious it most certainly is. This gargantuan display boasts a maximum resolution of 8K and spans 292-inches diagonally from corner to corner. Unlike traditional displays, “The Wall Luxury” features self-emitting diodes with 100,000 hours of life, thus doubling as a “digital canvas” when turned off since users can switch on an Ambient Mode that can be used to show paintings, photographs and video art. There’s no pricing information available yet, but the company did say that you’ll be able to purchase one starting next month.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition
Caviar’s latest smartphone creation is a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Fold “Game of Thrones” edition. Limited to just 7-units worldwide representing the seven kingdoms on the show, it’s priced at a whopping $8,200 USD, or $6,200 USD more than its base counterpart, complete with a carbon fiber leather and gold accented exterior shell. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Samsung Deepfake Mona Lisa
Researchers at the Samsung’s AI Center in Moscow have managed to use Deepfake technology to create “living portraits” from as few as just a single photograph. The paper, titled “Few-Shot Adversarial Learning of Realistic Neural Talking Head Models,” was published on the preprint server arXiv on Monday. Simply put, the AI can be trained using just one image to create a realistic-looking, animated portrait, and by adding a few more shots (up to 32 photographs) the realism improves. Read more for a video and additional information.

Samsung 64-Megapixel Smartphone Sensor
Photo credit: Peta Pixel
Samsung Electronics has just introduced two new 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel image sensors – the 64-megapixel (MP) Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and 48MP ISOCELL Bright GM2. Thanks to pixel-merging Tetracell technology and remosaic algorithm, the GW1 can produce bright 16Mp images in low-light environments and detailed 64MP shots in brighter settings. To take pictures resembling the way the human eye perceives its surroundings in a mixed light environment, GW1 supports real-time high dynamic range (HDR) of up to 100-decibels (dB) that provides richer hues. The dynamic range of a conventional image sensor is at around 60dB, while that of the human eye is typically considered to be around 120dB. Read more for another picture and additional information.