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Google DeepMind AI StarCraft II
You’ve probably seen a plethora of Tool Assisted speedruns of classic games (Super Mario Bros., etc.), and Google wants to followup in the same spirit with their DeepMind Technologes AI in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Real Time Strategy games showcase human multi-tasking limits, along with the numerous optimizations available during a normal game. Professional gamers boast a high APM (Actions Per Minute) and lightning fast decision making, since they know there’s always something they could be doing better. Read more to watch this AI play the game.

StarCraft Marine Cosplay

Photo credit: Red Rock Cosplay | Martin Wong

For some gamers, StarCraft’s release feels just like yesterday, when in fact Blizzard Entertainment began planning the game in 1995, with a development team led by Metzen and Phinney. The game debuted at E3 1996, and used a modified Warcraft II game engine. StarCraft also marked the creation of Blizzard Entertainment’s film department; the game introduced high quality cinematics integral to the storyline of the series. Now, fans are creating amazing costumes, such as the Marine, you see above. Continue reading for another video.

WarCraft Mall China

Blizzard and Legendary Pictures has just installed massive “Warcraft” exhibit at Joycity mall in Chengdu, China. Vistors can get up-close with props, costumes and life-sized replicas of the characters from the upcoming film The free tour also offers an interactive virtual reality ride where visitors can experience what it’s like to fly while riding a legendary Gryphon as it soars over the skies of Azeroth. Continue reading for more pictures and information. Click here for bonus images of China’s unauthorized WoW / StarCraft theme park.

Cosplay Photography

Photo credit: Beethy Photography

When it comes to cosplay photography, there’s more than meets the eye to all the action you see. Beethy Photography spent quite a while touching up the StarCraft cosplayer above, once the image(s) were snapped with a Canon 6D DSLR + 50mm f/1.4 lens – no lights, reflectors or tripods were used. ” A decent chair will usually do the job. Helps if you have another person to support them like Sean here. I also got him to flick her hair simultaneously so it wouldn’t look too weird. I knew I wanted dust in the image, rather than relying on photoshop brushes I got Sean to throw a bunch of dirt in the air with a shovel. When it landed it created pretty good dust clouds with debris,” said the photographer. Click here to view more of her amazing cosplay photography. Continue reading for three epic cosplay music videos.

In this demonstration, you’ll see someone play StarCraft 2 by moving his eyeballs and pushing one single button, and nothing else. That’s right, Tobii’s magic eye-tracking system works by using an infrared tracking camera, along with an infrared illuminator, to pinpoint the exact location of your pupils. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Razer’s StarCraft II Zerg Edition Messenger Bag is currently being offered at only $34.95 shipped, originally priced at $79.99. With its weather-proof heavy duty construction, it protects your gear against the hazards of everyday. Open it up and you’ll find space for your laptop, gaming peripherals, and anything else you would need in the field. Product page. Continue reading for a video unboxing.

Notable features:

  • Armored with a tear-resistant, weather-proof heavy duty 1680D ballistic nylon outer shell.
  • Water-resistant Ripstop nylon inner lining for added durability.
  • Single shoulder sling design for added mobility. Easy one-handed release chest clasp enables quick and convenient access.
  • Built in compartments for up to 15-inch laptops, gaming peripherals and portable gaming devices.

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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm pre-orders will now gain access to Blizzard’s beta. That’s right, Amazon will email you the code within 4-business-days after your pre-order. In this expansion, “you must help Sarah Kerrigan fight her way through a vast single-player campaign that will take you to some of the most dangerous worlds of the Koprulu sector.” Product page. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

StarCraft II may have been 12-years late, but it still currently holds the title of fastest selling real-time strategy game of all-time, with over 3-million copies sold worldwide in the first month. Due to its popularity, fans everywhere are paying tribute to their favorite characters by creating custom one-off costumes, like the one you see above. Continue reading for more.

Google has a new trick up its sleeves for StarCraft fans – simply type in “Zerg Rush” and you’ll be greeted with a mini game in which users are supposed to fight of the letter “O”. Best of all, your high scores can be uploaded to Google+. For those who are able to view this post, but not Google, continue reading to see how this trick works.