In this demonstration, you’ll see someone play StarCraft 2 by moving his eyeballs and pushing one single button, and nothing else. That’s right, Tobii’s magic eye-tracking system works by using an infrared tracking camera, along with an infrared illuminator, to pinpoint the exact location of your pupils. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Dvice: “The thing to remember here is that all of these actions are entirely independent of the location of the mouse cursor. Effectively, you’re getting a second cursor, controlled by wherever you look, to use at the same time as the mouse. For example, you can target a Psi Storm with your eyes while simultaneously using your mouse to select and move your High Templar to safety. And as Fredrik points out, when you move around the map with your gaze, your mouse never has to leave your units and your fingers never have to leave your hotkeys.”