Street Fighter 4

Sven Blind Gamer

Photo credit: Vice

Sven Van de Wege, nicknamed “Blind Warrior Sven”, is a competitive gamer who lost his eyesight to cancer at age six, and of all games, he has chosen Capcom’s Street Fighter series to master. Rather than watch the screen, he uses his bat-like hearing to exploit the weaknesses of his opponents. “I would like to continue playing in tournaments. Hopefully I’ll find a sponsor one day. Besides being a pro gamer, I would like to help other blind people to start gaming. I’m thinking about promotion and workshops and such,” said Sven. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for a video game than by dressing up as your favorite character(s). In the Street Fighter world, females may not have as many characters to choose from, but the cosplayers do an excellent job at representing their video game characters. Continue reading to see more – including two amazing fan films.

We may have to wait years before Capcom produces a movie / television series that features all past and present Street Fighter characters, but fortunately, we have talented artists to whet our appetites for now. Click here to see some stunning Street Fighter fan art. In related news, continue reading for some animated Street Fighter action.

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Street Fighter fans with an Xbox Kinect rejoice! Now with this nifty hack, you too, can throw your own virtual Street Fighter 4 fireballs at the television screen. Continue reading for a video demonstration.

…it’s basically a set of physical triggers that fire off key combinations – and there’s also a nunchaku add-on that allow for some true man-on-machine action.

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