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Scientist Lightning Bolt Guide Laser
Lasers have shown why one should always close the toilet lid when flushing, and now, scientists have figured out how to use the beams to guide lightning bolts. Called the Laser Lightning Rod (LLR), this system basically consists of a pointed metal rod that is attached to a building’s roof and then connected to the ground by a wire, resulting in a strong electric field that draws lightning away from the structure.

Worlds Highest ATM Pakistan
There’s the ATM Leaderboard, and then the world’s highest ATM, which sits 15,397-feet above sea level on the Khunjerab Pass in Pakistan. It’s operated by the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), powered entirely by solar and wind, since 2016. There are guards there at all times guarding the Khunjerab Pass, so all tourists can safely use the machine for cash withdrawals as well as interbank transfers.