Forza Motorsport Xbox Series S | X
Turn 10 Studios’ all-new Forza Motorsport for the Xbox Series S | X is the most technically advanced racing game ever made, and the latest developer direct shows why. For starters, it boasts over 500 cars that can be collected, raced and customized with more than 800 unique upgrades. No two races will ever be the same, as there are 20 environments featuring multiple track layouts.

ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro Xbox Controller
The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro Xbox controller made its debut at CES 2023 today, and it’s actually a tri-mode controller. This means gamers can connect via Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz RF, or wired USB, making it ideal for gaming on PCs, laptops, as well as next-gen Xbox consoles. You can personalize the controller with custom images, text, or animations on its built-in OLED screen.

GTA 5 Ray-Traced Reflections Update PS5 Xbox
For those who haven’t yet downloaded update GTA 5’s 1.64 update for the PS5 and / or Xbox Series X | S, Digital Foundry provides an in-depth look at the ray traced reflections update. This patch basically adds ray-traced reflections when in the game’s 30fps Fidelity Mode, which means that you’ll be able to see vehicles and characters on reflective surfaces including windows as well as water.