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Billboards just don't offer the same magnetism that they used to command, thanks to the internet and other computing devices. However, some ad agencies are looking to change that trend, and the illuminating billboard above is a prime example. Continue reading to see more.

24. Leica Cameras

23. Hip Hop Radio Station

22. Soccer

21. Tailgating

20. Tape

19. Hair Colorant

18. Beer

17. Toothpaste

16. Magic

15. Mammoth Mountain

14. Paints

13. Mars Candy Bar

12. Coca-Cola

11. Bic Razor

10. Mustang

9. Water

8. Audi and BMW

7. Mini Cooper

6. Tylenol

5. CNN

4. Seat Belt Safety

3. Law & Order


1. Hot Wheels

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