Midjourney AI Apple Store Architectural Styles
Photo credit: Shail Patel
When you think of Apple Store locations, the Great Pyramid of Giza probably doesn’t come to mind, but with the right prompt, Midjourney AI can give us an idea of what it could look like. Designer Shail Patel had to carefully think of prompts to feed the Stable Diffusion-based artificial intelligence program in various locations around the world including Egypt and New York City.

DRIFT Drones Sagrada Familia Famous Structures
Photo credit: Studio DRIFT
Artist duo Studio DRIFT used drones equipped with special software to create life-sized renders of what the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain and other famous structures would look like when finished. The believe that finishing them with light emphasizes the potential positive power of our current high-tech developments in relation to the slow, yet beautiful, building methods of the past.