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Angry Yelp Review

It's not uncommon for any establishment to receive a bad rating on Yelp, but rarely do you hear both sides of the story, especially from the owner. William G. is the owner of Voltaire and decided to respond to this woman's angry rant regarding "take-out" food. Continue reading to see the lengthy response that ended on the topic of divorce lawyers.

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Apple Campus Food

Unlike at Google, Apple employees actually have to pay for their food at Caffe Macs, but as you can see, it's well worth the price. First up, we have a stack of French toast with a side of strawberries, and both smothered with maple syrup. At most breakfast places, you'd probably expect to pay somewhere around $8-$10 for something like this, but Apple employees can enjoy this tasty breakfast entree for $4. Continue reading for more.

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Children Breakfast

Photo credit: Hannah Whitaker via NYT

Breakfast may very well be the most important meal of the day, but many either forget or just don't have the time, to make a hearty and nutritious meal, opting for fat / sugar filled foods (cereal, donuts etc.). This lead photographer Hannah Whitaker to travel around the world for her photo series "What do kids in other countries eat for breakfast?" While some of these meals might appear strange to some, foods, such as rice, fish, etc., are staples for kids in other countries. Continue reading for more.

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Google Employee Food

Google not only pays their employees well (especially engineers), they also get tons of free perks, like gourmet meals. There are nearly 30 eateries at the company's Mountain View, California headquarters alone. Nate Keller, a former head chef at Gogoel who left the company in 2008, says the company was serving more than 40,000 meals a day and spending $80-million-plus annually on food. You'll find everything from vegan truffles to full-blown Asian-inspired feasts, as well as unique desserts. Continue reading to see them all.

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Prison Restaurant

The Prison of Fire eatery has just opened in China and it aims to bring the true convict experience to the masses. Every party is seated inside their own Chinese prison-style cell, complete with food being served through a small hatch. To make things even more real, there are confinement rooms, water torture devices and in-restaurant entertainment, as in live music bands who play from inside a giant birdcage contraption, while you eat. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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For people who need a caffeine jolt in the morning or crave a strong cup of Joe when on the go, Minipresso is your go-to gadget. Unlike other portable coffee brewing systems, this one doesn't require batteries or external power, but rather on users pumping the device to brew the coffee to their liking. It utilizes coffee grounds or capsules along with precisely 2.4 ounces (68ml) of hot water, which is poured into its main chamber. Continue reading for a video of the gadget in-action and more information.

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McDonalds Cookies and Cream Pie

Photo credit: So Good

Now that you've seen the strangest Lay's flavors, weirdest Doritos flavors, Pepsi flavors and strangest Pringles flavors from around the world, it's time to check out more strange items from the world's largest fast food hamburger chain. What you're looking at above is a limited edition Cookies'N Cream pie that was available at McDonalds locations in Canada. As you can see, it's exactly as it sounds, an Oreo infused outer layer with cream filling on the inside. Now get yourself a cold glass of milk, and have the perfect after work / school snack. That is just one of the many cool and unusual items you won't find in the states - minus #8, which can be found in Hawaii. Continue reading to see them all.

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National Coffee Day

September 29 is National Coffee Day and for those who love the brewed beverage, make sure you head on over to McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, or Dunkin Donuts for a free cup of joe (or many). Starbucks ‎is also offering a free cup of coffee, but just a sample size of its Anniversary Blend until noon. While the exact origin of International Coffee Day is unknown, many countries around the world participate in this event. It was promoted in Japan by The All Japan Coffee Association and first celebrated in 1983. Continue reading for five interesting facts.

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Chocolate Art

Cocoa solids are one of the richest sources of flavanol antioxidants. These have physiological effects on the body and are linked to serotonin levels in the brain. Some research has found that chocolate, eaten in moderation, can lower blood pressure. Chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and a vast number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created. Continue reading to see more.

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Super Mario Lunch

Photo credit: Li Ming

A mother-of-two from Singapore decided to get creative with the lunches she packs for her kids about three years ago. She has gone on to make more than 100 different creations for her two boys - 10-year-old Ivey and and 7-year-old Lucas Tey - to take the school, including bento box versions of Mario, Spider-Man, and Hello Kitty. The Daily Mail reports, "Li makes around six different creations every week but keeps some of them a secret to put in her new book." Continue reading to see more.

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