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Japanese Curry

Getting creative with your food by adding in a few additional garnishes is one thing, these Japanese chefs have gone the extra mile and used everyday items to create works of art, like the panda curry you see above. Other examples include: a rice bear covered with an omelet blanket, several bento box art creations, and lots more. Continue reading to see them all.

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Oreo Hack

You know how people like to dip their Oreos into a bowl or glass of milk? One geek discovered that it's much easier to put however many cookies you want to eat directly into a bowl a quarter filled with milk. This also works with just about any other cookie you can think of, minus the ones that crumble instantly when touched. Continue reading for more everyday foods that geeks have discovered you might be eating wrong.

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Coke Spider

In everyday life, it's not uncommon to find random insect parts in your pre-packaged food, as the FDA allows a variety of insect parts in them - for example, a chocolate bar could have up to 60 fragments. However, Amanda Barr of Eastbourne (England) bought a 3L bottle of Coca-Cola sourced from Iceland and when partner Steve Knight poured her a glass, they discovered a giant spider floating on top. Continue reading for an up-close image of a spider placed next to a ruler.

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Food Hacks

There's no denying that cookies and cream are a great combo, but what happens when someone decides to combine the snack with milk cubes? These awesome frozen Oreo cookie cubes of course. Just drop them into your morning coffee for a cool treat, or pop one into your mouth to cool off on a warm day. For even the more adventurous, dump the whole tray into a blender a sweetener of your choice for some quick ice cream. Continue reading for more unusually creative food hacks that were discovered by geeks.

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Starbucks Japan

Photo credit: Ruffee Cola

The Starbucks you see above is the Kobe Kitano Ijinkan store, located in a historic 19th century Western style building. The two-story structure was originally erected in 1907 for Americans residing in Kobe at the time and called the "Kitano Monogatari-kan" (lit: Kitano Story House). After being damaged in the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, it was donated to the city of Kobe, which then dismantled it and reconstructed the building as a Starbucks in its current location. According to Rocket News 24, "placing your order at the first floor bar, you can choose from a variety of rooms to enjoy your drink in. There's a spacious lounge, a dining room complete with cupboards, and even a small study that feels just like your own private refuge." Continue reading for more things you'll only find in Japan (and maybe other parts of Asia).

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Cool Geeky Cakes

Most people would rather have a great tasting cake over one that just looks cool, but these geeky designs take creativity to the next level. Whether it be an octopus, all-in-one snacks, or even Jupiter, these cake masters have you covered. Click here to view the first image in this week's demotivational poster gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a skater who has an epiphany about helmets after wiping out.

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Black Burger

No, this isn't just regular food coloring, but these black-colored burgers now being offered at Burger King locations throughout Japan. They're offered in two different varieties: "Kuro (Japanese for "black") Pearl" and "Kuro Diamond." The latter features a bamboo charcoal-infused black bun as well as bamboo-charcoal black cheese as well as a black onion and garlic sauce given its color by squid ink. Continue reading for live pictures and information.

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Food Thought

Photo credit: Reddit

Users are one of the most popular social media sites, Reddit, are back at it again. This time, they've come up with some random food thoughts that actually make sense if you think about it. For example, people normally eat pizza from the inside out, since the cheese and sauce are on top, rather than inside the crust. Other examples include: what preheating and burritos should be called as well as the process of finding edible fruits. Continue reading to see them all.

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Greenbox Smartest Pizza Box

Manufactured in New York by Pratt Industries, the GreenBox is touted as the world's smartest pizza box, and it's made from 100% recycled materials. What sets this box apart from the others is that there are perforated sections that can be torn away and used as plates for easy serving. Hopefully, we'll begin seeing these at local pizza restaurants, or even the larger chains, should a deal be worked out. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Hospital Meal

Most people don't associate hospital food with words such as pleasant or tasty, but these photographers aim to change your view on them. Starting off, we have a meal from a New York hospital, which consists of salmon patties with saffron cream sauce, rice, pumpkin, and banana cake. Honestly, some of these meals look better than what you would find at an average restaurant in the city. Continue reading to see more.

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