Playing Halo Infinite CRT Monitor TV Xbox
There’s nothing special about playing Halo Infinite using an Xbox Series X, but what if you connected the console to an old CRT monitor or TV? Well, for some, it would bring back memories of the 90s when the Super NES and SEGA Genesis were duking it out during the console wars.

Yes, it requires an adapter, which results in a lower resolution. However, the lower resolution you get when using said adapter might actually look even more crisp than when the console is connected via HDMI to a traditional display. The biggest issue is actually acquiring one of these CRT TVs that still work properly, and then comes their weight, with many coming in at a hefty 40-pounds or more.

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I used to occasionally play split screen CE on an original Xbox hooked up to (and I swear I am not making this up) a C64 monitor as a semi-portable setup. Those were really good CRTs for the size they were, way better than any TV you could get in that size in the early 2000s,” said one commenter.

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