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The Segway Centaur is a concept that "combines proprietary dynamic stabilization technology with advanced propulsion and suspension systems, and an intuitive user interface to create a unique four-wheel device that is easily controllable on two or four wheels." Video demonstration after the jump. (Thanks, Zipped)

Video Demonstration


Intuitive user controls:
* Thumbs forward: The Centaur's forward and backward propulsion is easily controlled by pushing a thumb throttle located on the underside of the right-hand handlebar.
*A Centaur prototype.Pop a wheelie: The Centaur uses dynamic stabilization technology to limit and/or maintain the angle at which the rider experiences the device. What would normally be a dangerous maneuver on a motorcycle or ATV becomes safe and controlled on the Centaur. In addition, the rider can position his/her body in three different ways, which makes for a fun ride. This technology also allows for a high-performance design with a short, compact wheelbase - a combination that traditionally can be very difficult to control.
*Lean forward, go forward: If you've haven't yet experienced the Segway HT, now is the time. If you have, you know what we mean by intuitive controls. Concept Centaur uses dynamic stabilization in a similar way. When on two wheels, the Centaur is controlled by how the rider shifts his or her weight. To go forward, lean forward. To go back, lean back.

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