Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan White Noise Machine
LectroFan Premium White Noise Sound Machine is a great addition to any room, whether it be for sleeping or just relaxation, and you can get one for $32.17 shipped, today only, originally $49.95. Unlike smartphone apps, you won’t hear any looping sounds here, and the relaxing sound of a fan, white, pink or brown noise can help you get to sleep more quickly, and stay asleep longer by helping you tune out the environmental noises. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Turbro Suburbs TS25 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater
The TURBRO Suburbs TS25 not only is an electric fireplace, but an infrared heater as well, and you can get one for $143.99 shipped, today only, originally $199.99. Thanks to its infrared heating technology, this compact electric fireplace evenly spreads heat spread throughout the room without removing any moisture. Use the included remote control to adjustment the temperature from afar, while an LED panel shows the temperature. Product page. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Remote-Controlled F1 Car Drive Upside Down
H/T: Motor 1
Can a real F1 car generate enough downforce to drive upside down? Engineering After Hours set out to discover if it’s a possibility with his latest project. So, he started with one of his existing remote-controlled cars and then 3D-printed a few parts to generate downforce equal to three times the weight of the vehicle. Unfortunately, its underbody wasn’t able to get a good seal with the racing surface while moving. Read more to see what he had to do to get it working.

Razer Atheris Mouse Stormtrooper Edition
The limited edition Stormtrooper Razer Atheris Wireless Mouse doesn’t lack in features, and you can get one for $39.99 shipped, today only, originally $59.99. It’s touted as the ultimate wireless notebook mouse with the world’s longest-lasting battery life and lag-free wireless gaming-grade performance, as you’ll get 350 hours of continuous use on a single pair of AA batteries. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

AUKEY 20,000mAh
AUKEY’s 20,000Mah Wireless Charging Power Bank doubles as a smartphone stand, and you can get one for $36.33 shipped after clipping the on-page 10% off coupon and entering coupon code: M2HFBAC9, today only, originally $45.99. You’ll be able to charge Qi-compatible devices at up to 10W without connecting a cable, while the foldable stand provides stable hands-free phone viewing. When you charge something with the Power Delivery 3.0 output and Quick Charge 3.0 output, they combine to deliver an optimized charge to your devices at up to 18W. Product page – be sure to clip the 10% off coupon and enter coupon code: M2HFBAC9 during final checkout to receive the additional discount.

Elago T4 Apple TV Case Super Nintendo
Yes, it’s been over 30-years since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a 16-bit home video game console, was launched. Many gamers still consider this one of the greatest modern consoles of all-time, as not only was the SNES a technologically achievement, but Nintendo used enhancement chips integrated into game cartridges to be competitive far into the next generation. Elago pays tribute with the T4 case for the Apple TV. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Distraction-Free Companion Smartphone
Photo credit: Joseph Burrell
If you spend too much time using a smartphone, Companion might be a distraction-free device to consider. Created by designer Joseph Burrell, this minimalist smartphone is designed to provide users with information about their physical environment while also helping to promote healthier habits. It’s constructed from a bioplastic that can easily be manufactured as well as disassembled, thus creating a closed loop system where the material can be recycled several times without ever ending up in a landfill. Read more for additional pictures.

K'NEX Pinball Machine
H/T: Gizmodo
Many are used to seeing amazing LEGO creations, but Tyler Bower wanted to show just what is possible with K’NEX and your imagination. So, he built a functional 7.5-foot-tall pinball machine with automatic scoring. How does it recreate the pinball experience? It utilizes three motors, a corded power drill for all 10 chain lifts, a secondary motor to power the moving ramp / multiball door / mini door / spinner, and then a third motor to open / close the blue trapdoor when activated. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 Military Tablet
Samsung’s military-grade Galaxy Tab Active3 has just launched in the US, and this ultra rugged tablet can handle just about anything you throw at it. Featuring Samsung wireless DeX to deliver a PC-like experience while mobile by extending the tablet’s view onto a larger monitor or smart display, Wi-Fi 6 with MIMO connectivity to help workers keep up with digital business through greater data transfer speeds, and a programmable key for instant access to critical business apps. Read more for two videos, including a hands-on review, and additional information.

Y-Brush Clean Teeth 10-Seconds
You may have heard about or seen the Y-Brush before, but it recently made an appearance at CES 2021. How can it deep clean your teeth in 10-seconds? Well, it works similar to the way a regular electric toothbrush works, as in a a handle conveys vibrations to a nylon bristle, which in turns moves in such a way to efficiently clean the teeth, gums and gum line. This device’s vibrations are based on specific sonic frequencies. Read more for an early hands-on video review and additional information.