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Another day, another new sub-Reddit. This time, it falls under the “oddly satisfying” category, or in other words, everyday things, such as placing Tetris-inspired tater tots perfectly on a baking pan, that bring you pure joy. Other examples include: a truck bed filled with fitted boxes, February 2015 on a calendar, and even a glass that was made exactly for one can of Coca-Cola. Continue reading to see them all.

10. Color Coordinated Clothes Hangers

9. Perfectly Fitted Book Ends

8. Truck Bed Perfectly Filled with Boxes

7. Extra Smooth Pancakes Made with a Rice Cooker

6. February 2015 on a Calendar

5. Coca-Cola Glass Made to Fit Exactly One Can of Coca-Cola

4. Aligned Marianne Candies

3. Real-Life Snake Game

2. T-Shirt Stack Image

1. Perfect Spoonful of Peanut Butter


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