Guest Mode Smartphone

Don’t you hate when random people at work / school, or even friends, need to make a quick call on your phone, but end up in your photos section instead? A “guest mode” should solve that issue, limiting your phone’s functions to just “Call” and possibly “Messages”. That is just one of the many things that are borderline genius, and should be invented soon, if not already in testing phases. Continue reading for more.

12. Mute Button for Microwave Button Presses

11. Ability to Cancel Elevator Button Pushes

10. Gum with Everlasting Flavor Crystals

9. Self-Cleaning Clothes with Special Fibers

8. Restricted Guest Mode on Smartphones

7. Auto-Fading Highlighter Markers

6. Summarized Cliff’s Notes at the End of Important Legal Documents

5. Motion-Sensing Headphones and Earphones

4. Noise Preference When Choosing Airplane Seat

3. Timer Showing How Long and How Much Water Used in Current Shower Session

2. Solar-Powered A/C Unit That Always Keeps Your Car at the Right Temperature When Away

1. Shazam-like App to Diagnose Engine Problems