Gold Bugatti London

It’s not everyday that you see a Bugatti Veyron on the road, much less one clad in gold. Tuner Foilacar wrapped the £$1-million Veyron in gold and black – transforming it into one of the world’s most eye-catching supercars. It was recently spotted parked next to an orange pearl Mercedes SLS Gullwing outside the Mayfair hotel in London. Continue reading for more random and interesting images you might not have seen before.

18. Oasis in Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

17. Swimming Pool in Flood

Pool in Flood

16. Lion Pretends Cub Bites Hurt to Encourage Them

Lion Cub Bite

15. Bus Stop in Canada

Bus Stop Canada

14. Volcanic Eruption from Space

Volcanic Eruption Space

13. Penny Fired Into Aluminum at 23,000 Feet Per Second

12. Tree Covered in 40,000 LEDs

11. 100-Trillion-Dollar-Bill from Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Money

10. Daft Punk’s Synthesizer

Daft Punk Synth

9. BMW i8 Key

BMW i8 Key

8. China’s Flower Ocean

China Flower Ocean

7. Actual Moon Size

Real Moon Size

6. Interactive Aquarium Where You Can Touch Otters

Interactive Aquarium

5. Cathedral with 50,000 LEDs

LED Cathedral

4. Space Shuttle Food Tray

Space Shuttle Food

3. Firefighter Helmet with a Heads-Up Display

Future Firefighter Helmet

2. Goats Climbing Dam

Goats Climbing

1. Underwater City of Heracleion