Obama 3D Portrait

What you’re looking at is Obama sitting for his 64-bit 3D capture session, in which epidermal information will be recorded and then used to create a poly-mesh / texture map so painters can add in realistic lighting later for portraits or sculptures. According to researchers, the right is a “Mobile Light Stage – in essence, eight high-end DSLRs and 50 light sources mounted in a futuristic-looking quarter-circle of aluminum scaffolding. During a facial scan, the cameras capture 10 photographs each under different lighting conditions for a total of 80 photographs. All of this happens in a single second. Afterwards, sophisticated algorithms process this data into high-resolution 3D models.” Continue reading for more.

20. Human Brain (left) vs. Dolphin Brain (right)

Human Brain vs. Dolphin Brain

19. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia circa 2014

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia now

18. Corporal Antonio Metruccio’s Eyes After a 72-Hour Firefight

Antonio Metruccio

17. 6 Largest Statues

6 Largest Statues

16. Massive Hurricane – the Size of Two Earths – on Saturn

Hurricane on Saturn

15. Tattoo Artist Covers Burn Scars with Natural Skin Tone Colors

Skin Color Tattoo

14. Bike Parking on a Normal Day in The Netherlands

Bike Parking Netherlands

13. Luxury Suite at Now Abandoned Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan

Pontiac Silverdome Abandoned

12. Realistic Superman Bust

Superman Bust

11. A Real Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan Temple

10. Christine Brinkley at Age 60

Christine Brinkley Today

9. Elephant Receives Prosthetic Leg

Elephant Prosthetic Leg

8. Pedal-Powered Skycycle Attraction in Japan

SkyCycle Japan

7. Single Office Remains Facing Mayor Bill de Blasio During Funeral of Slain NYPD Officer Wenjian Lu

Bill de Blasio

6. Dollar Art by Donovan Clark

Dollar Art

5. Original SEGA Logo

Original SEGA Logo

4. Jean-Claude Van Man Transportation Service in Berlin, Germany

Jean-Claude Van Man

3. Rihanna’s High School Prom Photo

Rihanna Prom Photo

2. Recycling Gas Bombs

Recycling Gas Bombs

1. What Your Eye Sees

What Eye Sees

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