Some technologies never get old, they just get better, and thus is true with these hologram technologies. Whether it be the 360-degree viewable hologram or Holocube, you’ll find them after the break.

360-Degree Viewable Holograms

USC Researchers have developed a machine that uses a high-speed projector and rapidly spinning mirror to produce 3D holograms. It uses a custom algorithm to allow for 360-degree viewing, with the proper occlusion and perspective. Practical uses include: video games, education, and marketing.

Rewritable Holgrams

Rewritable holograms have become a reality, with this new technology developed by University of Arizona researchers. Using modified optical communications film, images can be rewritten in under a minute by changing the distribution of electrical charges rather than the entire laser-based structure itself. The new image can be viewed for approximately 3-hours before it starts fading.


Available in 10-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch models, the Holocube is an innovative projector that stores video — on a built-in hard drive — and uses it to create 3D holograms. The Holocube can store up to 18-hours of compressed video at 4Mb/s on its 40GB hard drive, which can then be turned into a 3D hologram at the flick of a switch. Plus, there’s also an optional floor stand for easy transportation.

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