Another day, another broken gadget, or so it seems. In this case, a 9V battery, Nintendo Wiimote, and iPod Nano have all been given second life as custom USB drives. Continue reading to see more.

9V Battery

If you’ve got an old 9V battery laying around, but nothing to use it on, then this hack is just for you. Simple gut the 9V battery as well as the USB flash drive and secure it inside its empty shell.


When is a Nintendo Wiimote not just a Wiimote? When transform a non-functioning controller into a functional USB flash drive. Though it may be a bit large, this creation is a must-build for any Nintendo fan.

iPod Nano

Sooner or later, your iPod Nano battery won’t hold a charge. Then, your only options will be to either leave it sitting, replace the battery, or use the case for a custom USB flash drive.


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