Most vending machines are boring or just plain annoying (items getting stuck), these futuristic installations aim to change that. Though none are able to dispense a 3-course meal…yet, they are conversation pieces nonetheless. Continue reading to see more.


Craving pizza at work, school, or just walking down the street? Wonder Pizza may be able to feed the need, and in 90-seconds or less. Comprised of a refrigeration unit that keeps the pies at a cool 0C – 4C and oven, the Wonder Pizza delivers a freshly cooked pizza in just 90-seconds. Best of all, prices start from just $5, with a variety of toppings available at an additional cost.


Unlike its standard coin-operated counterpart, these Samsung uVending machines not only feature a gigantic touchscreen display, but also have a built-in security system that captures any disturbance on camera — uses Wi-Fi to relay the video back to the operator.


Not all Japan-designed gadgets are created equal, as this high-tech vending machine sports a touchscreen display and even a built-in camera so you can watch the drink-dispensing process.

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