Another day, another batch of unusual PC case mods. This time, we bring you three incredible, custom Batman-themed computers, like the Batman Begins Tumbler you see above. Continue reading for more.

3. Bat Computer

Reader Alex took the Batman Begins-style Batman symbol and modded the guts to hold his PC. It’s not just the front that looks good, like some case-mods, but the entire back looks great too. There’s Batman logos, lights, grills, and everything is black, black metal. Our only complaint is that this setup is in a corner! Nobody puts baby Batman in the corner!


2. Utility Belt

And finally, the utility belt. What is Batman without his utility belt? Dead, that’s what. Splatted on the sidewalk.This utility belt would not help Batman, not even a little. There’s no grappling hook, no smoke grenades, no ever-useful batarangs. That’s because it’s a fully functional PC, if an unconventional one.


1. Tumbler

I began measuring the Tumbler RC model and various computer parts and after many potential configurations, I settled in on a layout that looked like it would work. After Christmas, the Batmobile RC was marked down and I bought a brand new one to rip apart for my mod. I couldn’t resist playing with it for a couple of days but it wasn’t the coolest RC vehicle ever so it was easy to begin taking it apart. It took about a month and a half working in my spare time to build the Batmobile PC.


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