While traffic lights are designed to help minimize accidents, both car and pedestrian, many drivers just don’t like them as they always seem to turn red at the most inopportune times. However, we’ve rounded up three innovative traffic light technologies that just might change their views. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Droplet

In addition to being solar-powered, the Droplet features small pods that can display the latest news as well as weather. Hopefully, when / if this concept becomes a reality, the pods are rotatable, or at least come in a mobile version that drivers can view the data safely on their smartphones.


2. Countdown

Designed by Damjan Stankovic, the Countdown aims to reduce traffic accidents via a clever timer placed in a ring around the light. One benefit is that “drivers can turn off their engines while they wait for the green light,” reducing emissions and possibly saving fuel.


1. Sand Glass

How about a sand glass-inspired traffic light that clearly shows just how much time you have left between lights? In other words, “LED lights trickle down to make an obvious statement, regarding the time left for the lights to change – easy and intuitive.”